Nashville Wallflowers: Mets Left Standing On The Sidelines

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IDecember 5, 2007 Willis. Miguel Cabrera. Johan Santana. Danny Haren. Erik Bedard.

These are the names of just five of the players the Mets will be missing out on this week at MLB's Winter Meetings in Nashville.

Cabrera and Willis are already gone—sent packing to Detroit today in an eight-player deal. Santana will most likely end up in Boston or Anaheim.

Haren could be a Yankee, Dodger, Cardinal or Brave before week's end—and Erik Bedard will probably wind up with whoever loses out on the other guys.

Omar Minaya is trying to land a starting pitcher, but is offering little in return. Most teams are not interested in the Mets' undeveloped minor-league players. Almost every team has asked for All-Star SS Jose Reyes, whom Minaya has deemed untouchable.

It is very possible that this week will pass with only the Lastings Milledge deal in the books for the Mets. That kind of inaction will make the memory of last September's collapse even more difficult to dislodge.