Alberto Del Rio: The Next JBL?

Atobe KeigoContributor IIAugust 28, 2010

If any of you missed it, a new guy on Smackdown named Alberto Del Rio debuted 3 weeks ago. He beat a veteran in Rey Mysterio by submission but that entire time while I was watching Smackdown he reminded me of "The Wrestling God" JBL. 

You may say that that statement is idiotic because he is Mexican or he is a much better wrestler than JBL but I'm talking about Gimmick. what did JBL do when he came out he told us that he is richer than us and he could buy all of us out with trying and that he is better because he is JBL. Alberto Del Rio has the "rich boy" gimmick, and because of him belonging to a higher society he looks down on others.

This not a bad thing to call Rio "The Next JBL" because JBL had a good career even though he held the WWE title once it is what I believe the last title reign except Randy Orton's "Age of Orton" title reign in the last 5 years what meant something. I'm sure that the WWE is going to put more World Titles on Rio than JBL because he is going to be the next big Latin Star in the WWE and if people pull the argument that he is the next Rey Mysterio all I will have to say is that I mean by Gimmick.

I would write more but since he has only been on Smackdown for 2 weeks I can right only so much, So until next time.