NYY commercials of the past

HCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

Perhaps out of sheer boredom, or whatever reason, I found myself browsing You Tube and happened to come across a few New York Yankees commercials from the past decade.

While many of us were entertained by the recent Derek Jeter (NYY)/John Lackey (Angels) Gatorade ad, I wondered how many companies have wanted a piece of baseball's largest empire.

A lot.

I wasn't surprised when I found TV commercials sponsored by Avis, ESPN and other national corporations. Some featured the players, while others displayed hardcore Yankees fans.

One commercial, by Fox Sports, features a father speaking about how he must accept his son's alternative lifestyle. The father sports a NYY cap and the son, shown after the monologue, appears wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform. The father then remarks how he wishes his Sox-fan son would be more like his other male offspring, who quickly appears and quickly exits as he flamboyantly dances out the door.

This commercial is hilarious, and if you haven't seen it, check it out.

In a series of ads, by Adidas, five New York men are shown with their chests painted to spell out "YANKS." They are shown in a beauty salon picking out the right shade of blue, waiting shirtless for a cab and more.

Pretty funny.

Even if you aren't a Yankees fan, it is undeniable that the Yankees have become a brand ambassador to the masses of sports fans.

While the Yankees are currently five and a half games behind the Tampa Devil Rays, at least I can find winning NYY commercials via Internet.