Get to know your 2008 Miami Canes

Rob SteeleCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

The 2008 Miami Hurricanes will will return this year with a new stadium and new uniforms displaying their names. The young team is very excited to display their name with their athletic ability.

Jacory Harris talked about his concern with the lack of recognition the players: "Man,I don't want to come in (to miami) and people not knowing who I am, or if its people just partaking in football; and now that they know they can say hey that's Jacory Harris, Taylor Cook or thats Robert Marve. That's the great thing about it and it excites us allot."

The 2008 season will be the start to getting back on track to the way things were when the hurricanes were winning championships. Look for a new desire to escort the comeback of the canes swagger and legacy.