Punk Vs Cena: Why It Needs To Happen

Justin JohnstonContributor IAugust 27, 2010

With the Straight Edge Society seemingly losing all its heat that they had their destruction looks to be eminent. After they disband hopefully Gallows and Mercury become a tag team that will probably be the only way they keep from being future endeavored. But what happens with Punk, lets hope they don't let him toil in the mid-cards. The man is a main event talent. A feud with Cena is a way I think he will be recognized as that, if done correctly by the "WWE Universe" (yes we as an internet community no of his talent).

As I think of this potential feud, two previous feuds come to me as a nostalgic feeling. The Punk/Jeff Hardy feud shows Punks strength on the mic and as Punk attacked Jeff Hardy's lifestyle. No Cena doesn't have a history with drugs but the similarity here is Punk could have countless promos where he points out the fact that Cena is the WWE Golden Boy even though Punk is more talented in the ring and doesn't come across on the mic as a clown. Punk can point out the fact that Cena's is mainly to the young kids. Even positioning the fact that Cena is a phony and is just pushed to the moon by Vince. There's just so many possibilities that Punk could have on the mic.

The second feud that I find a similarity with is the Bret Hart/Stone Cold pre-Wrestlemania 13 feud. Obviously Cena is the star of WWE as was Bret and Punk appeals to the part of the audience that isn't targeted at this time by WWE. Punk can be billed as someone who Vince didn't make and that is why he isn't used as elite talent. Now I don't know how they could pull off the double turn for a second time as the first time it happened all the variables were put in the right place but this feud could bring the WWE to a spot where it hasn't been in the last 5 years. Almost as the attitude era was brought on after the 1993-1996 era.

This article is not meant to be a hate-Cena article. I am not a Cena fan but I am not a hater of the man, this is simply to elevate CM Punk. All thoughts and criticism are welcome and thank you for reading.