Countdown: Most Intimidating Fighters of All Time

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IAugust 5, 2008

I was watching some videos of Gilbert Yvel and Bob Sapp over the weekend and I thought to myself, "These guys are, big, scary, and rarely play by the rules." So I began to think of the people I would least want to be in the ring with. So hear are my top five most intimidating fighter of all time


5. Aleksander Emelianenko.  Aleksander is intimidating because of his size and strength. Besides this he also has many tattoos and a general disregard for his opponents life. On top of that, I would rather not catch Hep B. Gross.


4. Jeff Monson.  This self proclaimed anarchist makes the list because he is crazy, a roid boy, and a neo nazi. Did I mention he is insane!


3. Bas Rutten.  Bas in his heyday may have been the best striker of all time, he took on many of the greats and is a former UFC champ. However, he is most remembered for exploding organs. I love my liver, I'm not fighting Bas.


2. Mirko Cro Cop.  Mirko is my favorite fighter and as anybody who has seen Mirko can tell you, one head kick can mean the end of your career! Not only that but he is so straight faced and composed. To avoid brain damage I am not fighting him. Also, my ribs would not like the abusive body kicks either. Just look at what he did to wandy!


1. Fedor Emelianenko.  He's Fedor. He's cold and emotionless and so damn good! Any way you attack him you lose. He's great on the feet and will break you in half on the ground. I'm keeping my limbs and staying out of his way.


Honorable mention: Rampage-who wants to fight a guy that wears a giant chain and howls? Wanderlei SIlva-That wrist roll is scary! Babalu-You can't trust him after the David Heath fiasco. Gilbert Yvel- I know I already mentioned him, but dirtiest fighter ever is an understatement. Whether it be eyepokes, groin kicks, or KO'ing the ref, he's a loose cannon.