USC All Time Best Players

Jack de LoweContributor IAugust 5, 2008

Although many of the players below went on to become great NFL players, I selected this list strictly on their performance during their years at USC. This was not an easy list to compile as I had to leave a number of really outstanding players off the list (think of all the great tailbacks).

But here is my list:


QB Matt Leinert

RB O.J. Simpson and Marcus Allen

TE Fred Davis

WR Lynn Swann and Keyshaun Johnson

OL Ron Yari, Anthony Munoz, Brad Budde, Tony Boselli, and Bruce Matthews



DB Ronnie Lott, Dennis Thurman, Willie Wood, and Troy Polamalu

LB Junior Seau, Richrd Wood, Oscar Lua, and Lufa Tatapu

DL Sedrick Ellis, Shaun Cody, and Lawrence Jackson


Kick return Anthony Davis

Kicker Mario Danelo

Kickoff Return Reggie Bush

As I originally indicated, there are many great names I did not include, but this is not a bad group!