The Rated R Captain: The Best Singles Wrestlers That Came From Tag-Teams

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

 Edge & Christian were one of if not the most dominant tag teams in their day. 7 tag-team titles which came during the time that the WWE was stacked with good tag-teams.

 The Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys, The APA, The New Age Outlaws, Too Cool, The Rock and The Undertaker and other various two singles partners that are put together were all that E&C had to tangle with during their run.

  This is just tag teams, of course. I am talking about tag-teams that were great, but both did very well on their own. So let’s take a look at a few.

 The Hardy Boys- Now I am not a hundred percent sure but I think they broke up because of Lita.

 Jeff Hardy- European, Intercontinental (4), Light-Heavyweight, Hardcore (3), World Heavyweight (2), WWE.

 Matt Hardy- Hardcore, European, Cruiserweight, United States, ECW.

  So total the Hardy's won 17 titles in singles competition. I personally never liked the Hardy Boys but it is impossible to not like guys that are always flying through the air to their opponents.

 The Rock N' Sock Connection- Now these two didn't start out as champions but I put them on because they did win 3 tag-team titles along with a total of 7 other titles held with other people. I am only using Mankind not any of the other million faces of Foley.

 Mankind- Hardcore and WWF (3)

 The Rock- Intercontinental (2), WWF/E (7), WCW (2)

  So between the Rock N' Sock they have 15 titles held in singles competition. I was thinking this would be the winner solely based on what the Rock and Mankind have done in singles competition.

 Edge and Christian- Finally we have our winners. The team that has had way more success in the singles competition but also was a tag team that “totally reeked of awesomeness".

 Edge- WCW U.S., Intercontinental (5), WWE (4), World Heavyweight (5)

 Christian- Light Heavyweight, European, Hardcore, Intercontinental (3), ECW Champion (2)

 So our champions with a combined 23 singles title between them which makes them the best tag-team that has won 3 or more tag-team titles that have had amazing singles success.

  So E&C haters tell me whose better.