Tony Romo's girlfriend: Romo's new WAG Candice Crawford! Pics!!!

Kevin MurphyCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

Tony Romo's girlfriend: Romo's new WAG Candice Crawford! Pics!!!

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    With Tom Brady cashing in his man card to marry supermodel Gisele Bundchen (probably a pretty good move) the title of " Biggest Ladies Man" is once again up for grabs in the NFL. 

    So, who wants to take the crown?  Matt Leinart was in the running for about five minutes.  Then everyone realized he wasn't any good at football and that constitutes as an automatic disqualifacation from the title.  How about a guy like Jay Cutler, or is the jury still out on whether he sucks at football as well?

    Many believe Mark Sanchez is in the running, but I'm going to need to see a bit more from the young Jet quarterback before I allow him to claim this coveted title. 

    By more I am not talking about on the football field.  I'm talking about off the football field, Mark. 

    Sure we have all seen the chicks you've bagged since arriving to the show, but you're not at USC anymore, Mark. 

    It's time to step it up a notch, and remember, Mark, quality over quantity often wins out in this league.

    With that said, I'd like to turn my attention to another young quarterback.  When it comes to the ladies, his resume is second to none, and only continues to grow.

    Who is this guy?  Why it's Tony Romo, of course. Don't believe me? 

    Let's take a look at what the Dallas quarterback has been doing while not on the football field.  Take notes, Mr. Sanchez... 

Carrie Underwood

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    2006 was quite a year for the Dallas quarterback.

    It began with Tony being linked to American Idol winner, and rising country super star Carrie Underwood, but ended with Tony scoring touchdowns with a different blonde bombshell. 

Carrie continued

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    It's hard to imagine it getting much better from here for Mr. Romo.

Carrie continued

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    Carrie has it all.  The girl next door look, and a great voice to go along with those looks. 

    It was obvious that the sound of Carrie's voice wasn't what Tony was looking for.  What was he looking for?

Jessica Simpson

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    Enter Jessica Simpson.  It was still 2006 when Tony moved on to bigger and better things. 

    Sure the emphasis is probably on bigger, but can you blame the guy?

Jessica continued

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    Jessica didn't hit it off with the Cowboy fans as she was blamed for several poor performances Tony had on the football field. 

    She was referred to as a distraction, and it was clear Tony needed to make a move and call this thing off.

Jessica continued

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    That is exactly what Tony did, and in style as well.  Just before Jessica was set to celebrate her 29th birthday, Tony delivered his present in the form of a break up. 

    All good things must come to an end.  Next...

Natalie Smith

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    After Jessica came Natalie, and along with Natalie came the questions. 

    Did Tony cheat on Jessica with Natalie? 

Natalie continued

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    Tony and Natalie do go way back. 

    They go back to Tony's days at Eastern Illinois where Natalie's father was John Smith, the associate athletic director at Tony's alma mater. 

Natalie continued

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    One thing is for sure, Natalie certainly looks like she knows how to have a good time.  God bless you, Tony.

Sophia Bush

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    As if Tony hadn't bagged enough quality tail, enter Sophia Bush. 

Bush continued (no pun intended)

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    My guess is Tony got momentarily bored with the blondes and decided to switch it up. 

Bush continued (no pun intended)

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    Sophia and Tony eventually flamed out, and it would soon be time for Tony to return to his one true love. 

    That love being blondes, of course.

Candice Crawford

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    Which brings us to present day and Tony's latest flame. 

    Her name is Candice Crawford, and these two are exclusive, as Candice stated in an interview last week. 

    Give it time, Candice.  Give it time.

Crawford continued

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    Candice won the Miss Missouri USA competition back in 2008, and went on to place in the top ten of the Miss USA pageant. 

    All that matters is that you're No. 1 to Tony, Candice. 

    For the time being, anyway.

Crawford continued

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    Move on over, Tom Brady.  Get in line, Mark Sanchez. 

    A new Cowboy Casanova has arrived, and his name is Tony Romo. 

    Quality over quantity, Mark, don't forget that.