PEDs: Everyone Knows But Nobody Is Talking

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

It is always the same story. An athlete tests positive for performance enhancing drugs and all you hear is: "I knew, just look at him" or "Of course he was, look at the jump in his stats." 

What is interesting is that all these people who knew never said a word until it was announced.

The latest evidence of this is Dave Meltzer of Yahoo! Sports and The Wrestling Observer.  He has recently written an article stating his belief that Shane Carwin used PEDs after first meeting him, and then seeing his slimmed down figure when he entered the UFC. After, Carwin had of course been named as a recipient of steroids in a federal probe into a steroid ring. This is to be expected from the casual fans, but from a respected journalist.

It is time that this stops.  If an athlete is caught, do not say you knew all along because although you may have known, you chose not to say anything until after you knew it was true.

And if you are willing to name the names of athletes that you think are using before, then be prepared to hear, "Where/what is your proof?"