When Athletes Attack: The Top 10 Players Attacking Fans

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2010

When Athletes Attack: The Top 10 Players Attacking Fans

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    Believe it or not, athletes are people too.

    They have feelings just like you and me.

    However, that doesn't matter to the fans who have no mercy on opposing and/or struggling athletes.

    While most athletes are able to ignore this banter, eventually a fuse blows.

    Here's 10 athletes who couldn't control themselves and committed the ultimate sin-attacked the paying customers.

10. Shaun Ellis Pelts Seahawks Fan With Chunk Of Snow

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    Going into the locker room at halftime can be one of the most stressful times for a visiting football player.

    You're forced to walk right below a flurry of some of the other teams craziest fans.

    Players are often told to get into the locker room as fast as possible.

    However, Shaun Ellis didn't get the memo. "In good fun," he decides to pelt a taunting Seahawks' fan with a chunk of snow too big to be called a snowball.

9. Kellon Hutson Doesn't Like Fans On His Field

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    After being defeated by the Missouri Tigers, Nebraska Cornhuskers' player Kellon Hutson decided to knock out a celebrating Mizzou fan.

    The Mizzou fan left with a broken nose, and Hutson was given a one-game vacation, I mean suspension, for his actions.

8. Chad Kreuter Doesn't Mess Around

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    The day was May 16, 2000 when the Dodgers traveled to Wrigley to take on the Cubs.

    As a Cub fan walked by the bullpen area he decided to pick up a free souvenir as he punched Dodgers' catcher Chad Kreuter in the back of the head and stole the hat off his head.

    Kreuter responded by jumping into the stands in pursuit of the fan, and his teammates followed suit.

    Several minutes and a handful of punches later, the fans and players were finally separated.

7. Kobi Mossa Lights Up an Invading Fan

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    There are few things more annoying in sports than a fan who jumps onto the field for his 15 seconds of fame.

    I'd say Kobi Mossa agrees with the above statement.

6. Frank Francisco Plays Musical Chairs

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    On September 13, 2004, Rangers' relief pitcher Frank Francisco was being taunted by a man about his stillborn child.

    He responded the way any good man would-he launched a steal chair into the stands WWE style. Only one problem: he hit the wrong person.

5. Terry O'Reilly Leads The Boston Bruins Into The MSG Stands

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    Back in a 1979 game between the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers, a Rangers' fan made the biggest mistake of his life.

    He messed with the toughest son of a bi*ch on the planet, Terry O'Reilly.

    He took O'Reilly's stick (this of course was back when the NHL glass was lower) and the Tasmanian Devil would have none of that.

    He led a charge of Bruins into the stands where they would engage in the hockey equivalent of "The Malice In The Palace."

4. Tie Domi and a Fan Get Up Close and Personal

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    On March 29th, 2001 the Toronto Maple Leafs visited the Philadelphia Flyers in a game that would forever leave us questioning the strength of glass.

    While being taunted in the penalty box, Domi decided to turns words into water as he squirted an annoying Flyers' fan with his water bottle.

    This caused another Flyers' fan to confront Domi screaming insults at him while securely leaning on the glass.

    However, the glass gave way, and the Flyers' fan fell right into the lap of Tie Domi who would make him pay for his mistake.

3. Anything Tie Domi Does Rob Ray Can Do Better

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    Fans should think twice before they jump onto the ice.

    Hockey players are trained in battle.

    Allow Rob Ray to demonstrate.

2. Eric Cantona Was Kung Fu Fighting, Those Kicks Were Fast as Lightning

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    Eric Cantona gets creative in attacking this Crystal Palace fan.

1. Ron Artest Is in The Stands!

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    This is the gold standard when it comes to fan-player brawls.

    It is the fan-player brawl in which all others are and always will be judged against.

    This was an absolute disaster, but at least we don't have to worry about that anymore.

    And for that I would like to thank Ron Artest's psychiatrist.