This Just In…Green Bay Packers Beat The Raiders for Laughing Stock Of The NFL

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IAugust 5, 2008


As we all know the Brett Favre circus has not left the minds of Green Bay management, players and fans. And with his arrival to training camp with a welcoming fit for the Beatles, we know this topic is still up-in-the-air and going no where soon.

Nonetheless, what we do know is Packer Nation and their 50/50 on Favre’s return is just bru-ha-ha. When push comes to shove the Green Bay fans and management want Favre running out of the tunnel and throwing the first pass of the regular season.

Let’s face it, Aaron Rogers just can’t cut it and should pucker up one more year on the sideline and learn from the hall of famer. I hate hearing “Let’s give him a chance”. This is the NFL where only best play.

However, this article isn’t on what the Green Bay Packers should or shouldn’t do, quiet frankly, I’m sick of that topic and believe that 99.9 % of Bleacher Report articles are about it.

Yet, how one year can define the fate of an organization for the remainder of the season. Correct me if I’m wrong but Green bay with all this is mess falls back to 7 Th best in the league.  Terrible, I had them at three before this. Trust me! A dysfunctional management can ruin a team and destroy a person’s confidence – I’m a Knick fan!

Again, just like the title… Green Bay went from a great and respectable ball club to replacing the Raiders for the laughing stock of the NFL, in management, fans and maybe even play - All we can do is wait.

P.S: Let’s just hope Green Bay’s front office doesn’t trade Favre like the Raiders did Randy Moss…For nothing!