Mike Hamilton Has No Faith In Derek Dooley (obviously)

William RamseyContributor IIApril 3, 2017

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So I hear the reason for the UNC buyout next year has to do with competition. 

Mike Hamilton does not want Derek Dooley's squad next year to have such a tough schedule with two non-conference BCS opponents on it, making for a tough six week run with the SEC thrown into the mix.

I agree with you AD Hamilton.  Why should we want to force our kids to play a tough, competitive schedule?  They did not come to Tennessee for that anyway, right?

It is as if the AD just has no faith in new head coach Derek Dooley.  I have a hard time believing Dooley backed away from this.  More than likely, he just fell in line with Hamilton as he is still new to the fanbase and does not want to ruffle any feathers.

I have no problem with that as Dooley is a smart man who picks and chooses his spots seemingly, but is very candid and upfront as well.  It would be nice to hear from him off the record on this scheduling faux pas.

Mike Hamilton has basically said our team is cowardice and backs away from a fight when the challenge is laid down.  The rest of the SEC has noted this by the way.  Please do not think for a moment that the rest of the conference did not sit up straight and realize the impact that this decision would have on our team for some time to come.

A new head coach is an easy target to paint a bulls eye on anyway.  What Hamilton has essentially done is say that Dooley does not need to take on big things during a "rebuilding" period.  Is that not the same as he cannot handle it?  It sure seems that way to me.

Everyone else outside of the state knows now that we are coddled and have to have our hands held when we cross the street.  Let's just chaperone the Vol Walk while we are at it.  Also, on the sideline, replace the Powerade and water bucket with cookies and milk.  This is the way Hamilton has treated our boys and it is a shame. 

What Hamilton counted on is that the rednecks and hillbillies of Tennessee were too ignorant to notice what he thinks of his own team.  Someone forgot to tell him that we are not all backwards and some of us even graduated high school.  We noticed Mike and you should leave your post as you are not fit to lead the Big Orange.