Alabama: The Nike Pro Combat Uniform: Updated

Colin Contributor IAugust 26, 2010

Alabama: The Nike Pro Combat Uniform: Updated

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    Here's a few fun ideas on what the new Nike Combat Uniform might look like for Alabama.  They are set to play in one game with the new Nike Combat Uniform.  This is just a pictorial slide show, not an article.  Let's take a look at these ideas.   And we might just find out exactly what they look like. 

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    & last but not least, The Ghost of Bear Bryant on a jet ski.

    For whatever it's worth.. 

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    OK, seriously.   Here it is.  Very subtle changes, Houndstooth on the numbers(you can barely see, unless you get right up on it.)  American flag to honor the veterans, as the Uniform will be worn 2 days after Veterans Day..Against Mississippi State.   There's an A on the side of the pants, and one stripe on the pants.  The pants have had 2 stripes for over 50 years. 

    Very subtle changes, as was promised. 

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    Here's another look.   Houndstooth on the numbers.