NASCAR : Pre - Race and Post - Race Coverage

Brian KirbyCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

    Who is tired of the pre-race shows? Do NASCAR fans actually watch these things? Sure some of the coverage is good but some is just bad filler. What's up with the long pre-race show and then five minute's of post-race coverage? Do we need a three hour long show before the race even starts?

    The past two weekends I thought ESPN did a great job covering NASCAR. Their coverage of the race was awesome. The Brickyard was a bust, long and drawn out, but even after a race like that fans want to hear what the drivers had to say. There were a couple of driver interviews, maybe three at the most. Dose the media truly think after a race like that we believe only three drivers had something to say, their answer " Tune into Sportscenter for more post-race coverage." Yea that's after we hear about the Brett Favre Saga for a while.

      The Favre situation is going nowhere and I fail to see how it affects future races. I figured at Pocono I could hear a lot from the drivers that finished with a top 10 but no, more Brett Favre! Tune in later? I don't know. Yes, I know ESPN has a schedule that they have to keep for their broadcasts but give me a break.
      NASCAR's T.V. ratings go up and down from race to race, however NASCAR ratings in general have been up this year. Therefore, I say ESPN give the fans what they want! Cut the pre-race coverage in half and let's extend the post-race coverage. I'm a diehard NASCAR fan; I just want to hear what the front runners have to say that's all. However, I hate to say it fellow NASCAR fans, but until Brett Favre figures out what he wants to do, expect no more then five minutes of coverage after the race ends.