NFL Preaseason 2010: Miami Dolphins Top Storylines

Chris MatcovichCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2010

NFL Preaseason 2010: Miami Dolphins Top Storylines

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    Every preseason there are storylines that dominate each NFL team's training camps. 

    This season the Miami Dolphins are no exception. 

    With the addition of free agents, trades, and roster battles, there are plenty of storylines involving the Miami Dolphins.

    Here are the five top storylines regarding the Miami Dolphins.

Greg Camarillo Trade

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    This week the Dolphins traded wide receiver Greg Camarillo to the Vikings for defensive back Benny Sapp.

    On the surface, with the addition of Brandon Marshall and the need for secondary help, this makes sense. 

    The problem is the wide receiving corp has been plagued by drops this preseason and with the departure of Camarillo they lose a pair of sure hands.

    In the end, the loss of Camarillo might be more important than some added depth in the secondary.

Addition of Brandon Marshall

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    This guy is any quarterback's dream with his length, athleticism, and good hands. 

    Brandon Marshall is the playmaking receiver that the Dolphins have lacked in seasons past.

    Marshall should be a major help in the maturation of Chad Henne and could attract a lot of double teams, leaving the other wide receivers in single coverage.

    Brandon Marshall's abilities cannot be doubted.

Chad Henne Is the Staring Quarterback

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    Chad Henne is in a similar position to Jets QB Mark Sanchez; both must take the next step in their second year as a starting quarterbacks to help their respective teams be successful.

    Although Henne's numbers don't show it, he looked pretty good at points last season. He is more polished than Sanchez as a drop back passer.

    His job is not in jeopardy. But if he were happen to struggle early, I'm sure Tony Sparano would not hesitate to go with either Tyler Thigpen or Chad Pennington, who are both veterans.

Offensive and Devensive Lines

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    It's bad news when you have concerns on both lines in preseason, but that is exactly what the Miami Dolphins face.

    In their first two preseason games the defensive line has had trouble getting to the quarterback and the offensive line hasn't been able to pick up the blitz well.

    These two factors, with the addition of a young quarterback on one side, and a young secondary on the other, sounds like trouble to me.

    The Dolphins have to get better on both lines or this season could turn ugly.

The Young Secondary

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    The Dolphins are sporting a young secondary this season and there have been growing pains so far this preseason.

    The secondary has been burned for several big plays in the first two preseason games. 

    The main culprits seem to be the two young corners, Sean Smith and Vontae Davis. Occasionally they are having trouble in man to man coverage.

    The secondary must become more consistent if the Dolphins defense is to succeed.