State Of The Raiders.

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State Of The Raiders.
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There's alot of optimism this year that the Oakland Raiders will get back to their winning ways, and Im gonna tell you why I think its true.

The Main Reason, The Raiders have continuously improved the team this offseason by adding key players that will take this team to the next level, and I mean not just any kind of players, players that know the game and love playing it and also added veteran leadership which we need on this young team totally a shock since were known to pick up the fastest the biggest the strogest players available now were getting the smartest the hard working players which is better than having some freakishly athletic guy that cant get past the second page of the playbook and rather play xbox than study film cough!! cough!! (jamarcus russell).
Another reason, Our defense is the *hit fahreal...are front four...beasts they aint F**in wit us 4real josh montero made a great point in his article (Raiders Impressive In game 2 vs.chicago) basicly saying the way this rookie L.houston is allready drawing double teams, thats gonna free up the other guys who them selves deserve double teams what!! and with Nnamdi, Huff, Branch, Johnson "I could go all day" then or overhalled linebacker corps definitley better than last years.Man I see us as one of those Ravens teams you know before Flacco that shuts down the offense holds them to about 10-15 points a game then runs the ball down their throats all day, untill Jason Campbell gets fully confortable in the offense of course.By the way our run defense will improve greatly trust me dont go overboard off that M.Forte run.
Another reason, Our offense I see as a work in progress but Im optimistic of their future ,why wouldnt you? When you have guys like D.H.B., L.Murphy, Higgins, Z.Miller
D.Mcfadden Bush!! R.Gallery I mean all these guys work hard at their caft Jason Campbell also when you have players that has a positive attitude about the game and loves it and has a out standing work ethic as these guys do and the whole team you can say... you never count them out you dont give up on anybody that has has those characteristics.
Another reason, The coaches you gotta have good Coaches you allready know W.Brown J.Marshall now we bring in Hue Jackson Offensive coordinator that ran a pretty good offense with his previous team the umm Ravens yeah their ranked offense last year 13th this is a major upgrade from Tom Cable and his 31st ranked offense lol hey not knockin Tom Cable but I think Hue Knows what he's doing better than ol
Tommy, but that allows Tom Cable to focus more on the whole team and make sure their all doing the right things on the field.Mike Waffle D-line coach returns a guy who knows football and coached some great future hall of famers on that Deffensive line for the New York Football Giants lets see what he can do with our D-line
Also a list of Raider killers we will no longer have to deal with In the AFC West.
  • L.T. Jets
  • Brandon Marshall Dolphins
  • J.Williams hey hes on the Broncos but it still helps us vs. the Chargers.
  • A.Cromartie Jets
  • T.Scheffler Lions
  • V.Jackson possible Seahawks
  • McNiell possible hold-out
Im soo optimistic about this team more so this year this is gonna be a great football team in the very near future and anybody that dosent beleive that ...doesnt have or blood type which is silver & Black baby thats what I bleed Raider Nation Stand up!!...were back.

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