Your The GM: The Off-Road To Wrestlemania

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2010


Ok first off this was a great idea by Jack Woolbridge. This takes place the week before the Royal Rumble. If you don’t feel like reading all of it just skim through to the stuff in bold lettering.

  To get set up lets start with Smackdown. After the change to Syfy network there were some Raw superstars that switched to Smackdown and vise versa in the draft.

 Edge, Chris Jericho, The Hart Dynasty, and The Miz go to Smackdown.

 After the draft the Hart Dynasty turns heel stating that they have no competition and they could beat any tag team and are the best ever. Chris Jericho says he is and will be the true champion on Smackdown. Right before the final pick of the night Sheamus defends his title in a brutal triple threat match against Cena and Orton. Sheamus defends his title and after he gets hit with both the attitude adjustment and the RKO. Sneaking in through the crowd is the Miz and successfully cashes in the Money in the Bank and wins the belt as Orton and Cena are walking back to the back. After this success The Miz quickly leaves as Orton and Cena run back to the ring but he gets away through the crowd. When he is gone the next pick is made and it is The Miz.

 So the belts on Smackdwn are now.

 Heavyweight Champion- Kane

 Tag Team Champs- The Hart Dynasty

 Women’s Championship- Lay Cool-still with the half title belts.

 U.S. and WWE Champion- The Miz

 So now for Raw.

 The People to go from Smackdown to Raw are the following.

 Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio, and Vikki Guerro (by choice).

 So the titles on Raw are as follows.

 Dolph Ziggler- IC champ

 Melina- Divas champ


                                 Raw the Week of the Royal Rumble.

 Not much happens Sheamus complains about getting shafted about losing the belt. Dolph Ziggler interrupts him and states since he has the only belt on the show that he should be called the WWE champion.

                          Smackdown the Week of the Royal Rumble.

 It starts out as The Miz comes out and says he has personally spoken to Mr. Mcmahon and will remain the WWE champion and stay on Smackdown. Christian has a match against Edge. After the match the Hart Dynasty comes out and says all they hear about is how E&C is the best tag team of all time and challenges them to a match. Edge gets a microphone and says he could never form a team with this loser (Christian) and they start fighting again. Kane and Taker are still feuding and have a match at the Royal Rumble for the title. McCool is tired of being one half of the Women’s Champion and challenges Layla for the belt.

                                  Royal Rumble Match Card.

                                          Layla vs Michelle McCool- WC

                                          Edge vs Tyson Kidd

                                          Christian vs David Hart Smith

                                          Taker vs Kane WHC

   Rumble results. McCool wins the women’s title. Both Edge and Christian won the match, after the match Tyson comes out and the two begins to team up on Christian, Edge comes out and the HD leaves the ring. Edge helps Christian up, then spears him, and the HD and Edge attack Christian. Taker beats Kane for the belt. Wade Barrett wins the Royal Rumble.

                                   Raw 1. After Royal Rumble.

  Wade Barrett announces the new Raw GM will reveal himself tonight. The Nexus, now that most stars are gone, re-begin their ownage of Raw. Justin Gabriel beats Ziggler, with the help of Nexus, to win the IC championship. Backstage Gabriel tries to convince Melina to join the Nexus. Barrett has a triple threat match against Sheamus and Cena. Cena wins and the Nexus brutally attack Sheamus and Cena injuring both. The new GM reveals himself as...Triple H and shows a video of earlier when he sent Orton to the hospital. 

                                             Smackdown 1.

 The Hart Dynasty beats Jericho and McIntyre in a title match. They go on to say they are the best and attack Jericho and Drew with chairs. Christian runs down to help Jericho and McIntyre. Edge comes out to help the Hart Dynasty. Teddy Long announces they will have a tournament to decide who will be in the WWE Championship Unification match in the Elimination Chamber, besides Miz and Taker. Kane makes it by beating Alberto Del Rio.

                                                              Raw 2.

  HHH announces that Raw will make a run for dominating all the titles and that tonight The Miz will face Heath Slater for the U.S. title, and at Elimination Chamber there will be a Tag Team Elimination Chamber match for the Tag Team Titles and that the Hart Dynasty will face Sheffield and Otunga as one team in the match. Slater gets ready for the match but Miz is not there. HHH comes out and says that if Miz doesn't come out in one minute he will forfeit the title to Slater. He doesn't show and HHH hands Slater the new U.S. belt.

                                              Smackdown 2.

  Jeri-Show announces they will enter the Elimination Chamber for the Tag Team titles.  Drew McIntyre said he talked to Vince McMahon and said he will be in the Chamber match for the Undisputed WWE championship. The Miz doesn't complain about losing the U.S. title saying that once he wins the WWE Undisputed title he will be..AWSOMMMMMMMME.

                                                                 Raw 3.

 Wade Barrett and Triple-H have some bumpy ways as to who is the leader of Nexus. R-Truth and John Morrison challenge Sheffield and Otunga for a spot in the Chamber.  For once Nexus doesn't "help out" and Truth and Morrison win. Melina decides to join the Nexus.

                                                 Smackdown 3.

  Edge says he is going to enter the tag team chamber match, but quickly tells the WWE universe to not get their hopes up and that there’s no chance his partner will be Christian. Christian and Edge continue to feud. They have a singles match and Christian wins. After the match Christian says he too, will enter the Chamber match with a partner of his choice, again saying it will not be Edge. CM Punk beats Kofi Kingston to enter the WWE Unification championship match.

                          Raw week of Elimination Chamber.

 Swagger starts a friendship with Triple-H in order to get him to put him in the Elimination Chamber match, which he does. Mysterio defeats Mark Henry to earn a spot in the Chamber Match. HHH and Barrett grow more testy.

                        Smackdown week of Elimination Chamber.

 Christian ask's his partner to come down to the ring. Edge's music hits. Edge comes down and says one more time that he is NOT Christians partner and that he came to introduce his partner. Matt Hardy reveals himself to be Christian’s partner and Ted Dibiase comes out as Edge's partner, saying Mr. McMahon allowed him to partner with a superstar on Smackdown. Sheamus comes to Smackdown recover from injuries and says he is the final person in the Chamber match.

                                  Elimination Chamber Match Card

 Michelle McCool vs. Melina  Title vs. Title Match

  Chamber Match- Hart Dynasty- R-Truth & Morrison- Jeri-Show- Otunga & Sheffield- Edge & Ted Dibiase- Christian & Matt Hardy  TTC

 Justin Gabriel w/ Melina vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vikki Guerrero ICC

  Chamber Match- Kane- The Undertaker- The Miz- Rey Mysterio- Sheamus- Jack Swagger

                                              Elimination Chamber Results.

 Melina wins (with help from Gabriel)

 Hart Dynasty retains titles

 Justin Gabriel wins (with help from Melina)

 The Miz wins the new WWE Unification Title

         Melina wins the new WWE Women's Divas Championship belt. Hart Dynasty defeated R-Truth and Morrison to retain the tag team titles. Ziggler was about to go for the cover when Melina distracted the ref. Vikki got up on the ropes arguing with the ref as Melina threw the belt into the ring. Gabriel hit Ziggler with it and retained. The Miz pinned Rey Mysterio after catching the 619 and throwing him across the ring knocking him unconscious.

                                                    Raw 1        

 Triple-H and Nexus come to the ring and call out Swagger. Swagger comes out and HHH yells at him for not winning the WWE title. The Nexus beats him down. HHH says if you want to do something right you have to do it yourself and challenges The Miz to a title shot at Wrestlemania. Wade Barrett claims HHH was only using the Nexus to get the title, and they gang up on him.

                                               Smackdown 1

   The Hart Dynasty comes out and says they are officially the best tag team ever and demand that they be put in the Hall of Fame. We hear the bombs drop and out come...The Dudley Boyz. They come out and say how tired they are that week after week they hear about the Hart Dynasty. They also say they are not the only team and introduce...The Hardy Boyz. They both come out and surround the HD. They challenge the Hart Dynasty to a triple threat tag team title shot at Wrestlemania. The Miz comes out and refuses HHH's challenge but offers The Undertaker to a title shot at Wrestlemania, saying that it will instantly put him in the Hall of Fame.

                                                    Raw 2

   The Nexus is starting to fall apart. Justin Gabriel only cares about Melina and his title. Sheffield and Otunga are worried about the tag team titles. Michael Tarver has not won a match since the Royal Rumble and is kicked out. Heath Slater is dubbed " The Miz Jr.". Wade Barrett uses his Royal Rumble victory to cash in a match at Wrestlemania against HHH.

                                             Smackdown 2

    Chris Jericho and The Big Show go to the ring and say they are going to have a competition on who can hole the U.S. and IC title the longest and challenge Gabriel and Slater to a match at Wrestlemania. Drew McIntyre is mad that Vince approved The Miz and The Undertaker's match at Wrestlemania and challenges him to a match.

                                                 Raw 3

  John Cena and Orton return to Raw. They are both in the ring calling out HHH, both saying they want him at Wrestlemania. It turns to a fight when they both turn on each other.  A match is made for Wrestlemania between Orton and Cena.

                                            Smackdown 3

   The Hart Dynasty, The Dudley and The Hardy Boyz have a Triple Threat Elimination tag match. The Hart Dynasty won the match and after all three teams were in the ring yelling at each other.  “You Think You Know Me" blares throughout the ring. Edge and Christian come out and say wouldn’t be right to have a tag team match with the Dudley and Hardy's without E&C. The Match is changed into a Fatal-4-Way TLC match for the WWE Unified tag team titles at Wrestlemania. Vince McMahon accepts McIntyre's request with just one stipulation, a cage match.

                                    Raw week of Wrestlemania

  Slater and Gabriel quit Nexus and accept The Big Show and Jericho's request.

                              Smackdown week of Wrestlemania

  Alberto Del Rio Challenges Rey Mysterio to a match at Wrestlemania saying that he is the best Luchador in the WWE.

                              Match Card of Wrestlemania

  Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

  Justin Gabriel vs. Chris Jericho IC Title

  Heath Slater vs. The Big Show  U.S. Title

  Drew McIntyre vs. Vince McMahon Cage Single

  HHH vs. Wade Barrett

  John Cena vs. Randy Orton

  Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boys vs. The Hart Dynasty Fatal-4-Way TLC  TT Titles

  The Miz vs. The Undertaker WWE Title

                                                Match Results.

  Rey Mysterio almost has the match won but bad knee allows Del Rio to take the victory.  Gabriel and Jericho had a good match going but Melina came out to help and was put in the Walls of Jericho and as Gabriel was helping her Jericho hit the code breaker for the win. Heath Slater was simply overpowered by the Big Show and lost. Drew McIntyre obliterated Mr. McMahon and won easily. Wade Barrett and HHH put on a show but in the end the student beat the master as Barrett gets the win. Cena vs. Orton drove the fans wild as the cleanest match of the night saw Orton pin Cena. The best match of the night saw an old time reunion and just like the old days E&C capture the gold against very tough opponents. The Undertaker and The Miz was a great match but the brute strength of Taker managed to hit the tombstone and win the WWE title.


        Ok I know this was kind of long, well very long, sorry I kind of really got into it. So tell me what you guys think.