Greg Camarillo Trade: Minnesota Vikings Acquire Veteran Wide Receiver

JP FrederickCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 03:  Greg Camarillo #83 of the Miami Dolphins tries to catch a pass over Malcolm Jenkins #27 of the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome on September 3, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Veteran wide receiver Greg Camarillo has been dealt by the Miami Dolphins to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for cornerback Benny Sapp. 

When the Miami Dolphins played the Baltimore Ravens in week 14 of the 2007 season, they were 0-13.  It went to overtime and Miami was staring down 0 and 16.

Then undrafted, waiver wire acquisition Greg Camarillo became a Dolphins folk hero with a 64-yard touchdown reception, ceding Miami their only victory of the year and avoiding the potential pain of an 0-16 record.  The first comment on that Youtube video emphatically states, "this is why camarillo is going to be a dolphin 4 life!"

Times change, situations change, systems change, and folk heroes get traded.  Wednesday, the Dolphins traded Camarillo to the Vikings for cornerback Benny Sapp.  One Miami columnist was not happy:

"Just like that, good man and receiver Greg Camarillo goes from being a roster fixture, a locker room leader and a player who saved the franchise from infamy to an afterthought, a commodity to be invested in and divested of for the sake of doing business."

A touch melodramatic for the trade of a fourth-string receiver and a fourth-string cornerback, I'd say.

With Sidney Rice's hip surgery, that he waited all offseason to have for some bewildering reason, and Percy Harvin's continuing battle with migraines, the Vikings found themselves in need of receiver help.  Yesterday, they signed Javon Walker, in a desperate hope that he and Brett Favre can have the success they had in Green Bay.  Walker has had 41 catches the past three seasons - including none last season - and only one touchdown in that time span.  Walker alone wasn't going to be enough of a salve for the receiving corps.


Camarillo has distinguished hands, recording 50 receptions last season without a single dropped pass.  He shouldn't be thought of as a replacement for Sidney Rice, as he lacks Rice's size and leaping ability, nor should he be thought of as a fill-in for Percy Harvin, as he lacks Harvin's speed and playmaking ability.  But Camarillo is a competent, sure-handed receiver, perfectly-suited for the slot position, and perfect for Favre's slant throws.

Parting with Sapp could hurt the Vikings more than they realize, especially since their secondary already had depth concerns with Cedric Griffin's injury.  

Asher Allen and Chris Cook have looked good in preseason action and obviously made Minnesota feel Sapp was expendable, but it is still just preseason.  Sapp was a valuable player on special teams and in the secondary, occasionally burned for a big play, but never killing the team's chances with his performance.  Sapp should continue to be a valuable player for the Dolphins.

"It happened to work out good for both teams," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "I don't think from our standpoint you give away a Greg Camarillo if you don't feel like you're getting value in return and vice versa."

Makes sense.  Hopefully, it does work out good for both teams.