Pro Wrestling Talkshow Tuesdays 5pm EST - Call - You Will Be On!

bob mantzSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2008

My bodyguard Agahzi, seen in WWE photos here, hosts an online Wrestling radio show each Tuesday at 5pm EST called "The Final Bell".  Watch online live at Presspassradio if you are a big Pro-Wrestling fan.

Calls would really help this get going.

Call him with ANY wrestling related questions (try and stump him), concerns or observations.  Even ask him about his own Pro-Wrestling career in Mexico.

The number is 347-482-2000 (and they have it onscreen throughout).  Make sure to mention on air that Bob Mantz from Bleacher Report Dot Com tipped you to the new show - it'll help keep BR growing.  I've tried to get Agahzi to join us here as a wrestling, tennis and NFL writer (he works at SIRIUS).

Thanks and enjoy.

Bob Mantz can be reached at

Let the video load.  Click 'on demand' and select 'The Final Bell' from August 5th.  Once loaded move to the 13 minute mark for my call and plug.  Or just watch the show live here on Tuesdays at 5pm: