Fame Does Not Guarantee Invincibility

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Fame Does Not Guarantee Invincibility
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The Tiger Woods mistress scandal is one of the reasons athletes are becoming so tarnished in our country. Heroes that turn over to the dark side are great for movies, not for real life.

We certainly hate to see them go through the all the suffering of misconduct, both criminal and plain immoral.Of course, athletes can be the architect of their misfortune.

Tiger had about 20 mistresses. One wants him back. Many of them speak of the "love they shared." So, is it o.k. for these women to do things to a married man? No! During her interview, Elin Nordegren said Tiger put her through hell. His kids could eventually suffer.

That should be a lesson to those who don't take the commitment seriously. This is the end result.

What's worse is athlete misconduct on a criminal level. The most notable example was Dante' Stallworth accidentally running over and killing Mario Reyes in Miami. Of course Reyes was jaywalking, so he was at fault too. However, had Stallworth not been drinking excessively and using drugs, that probably would not have happened.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Delonte West was charged with weapon possession in Maryland. He had multiple weapons on him and claimed it was for self defense. Pardon us, but carrying multiple firearms for self defense purposes seems excessive. One handgun would do it. West suffers from Bipolar Disorder, so maybe we shouldn't be too hard on him.

Another notable example was the Micheal Vick dog fighting case. He received a suspension and jail sentence for his actions.

Washington Wizards' Gilbert Arenas was suspended for the remainder of the N.B.A. regular season last year for having a gun in the locker room. He and teammate Javaris Crittendon drew guns at each other when Arenas failed to pay off a gambling debt.

These are just a few examples of athletes doing things they shouldn't be doing. Hopefully, these will serve as a wake up call for athletes. Maybe various team owners, managers, and coaches need to get involved. Sure, these are grown men and women we are talking about and they are capable of making their own decisions. However, someone needs to be a referee here because this is getting out of hand.

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