Time For Woody Johnson and HBO Jets Lock Down Revis!

Keith BennettCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2010

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 16:  (NOTE TO EDITOR: Holgaroid Image) New York Jets Darrelle Revis poses for a portrait on March 16, 2010 in New York, New York.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

 It time for the Jets to sign Revis the best corner in the NFL by all means. Owner Woody Johnson wants to use HBO as a stage for his NFL team. Jet already sign All-Pro center Nick Mangold to a seven-year deal worth $57 million. D'Brickashaw Ferguson inked a six-year, $60 million extension last month. Jets brass also acquire Jason Taylor, Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, and LT. Johnson and Tannerbaum spend money on all these players and forgetting the best shutdown corner in the NFL. The Jets should have finalized Revis contract before the preseason started. The drama would have been on the field with them as a whole team. Show the NFL and HBO how super and cocky the Jets will be. The Jets had the number one defense in the NFL last season. Fans want to see Revis and Cromatie play together with rest of the defense. All the new players and cocky Rex Ryan and HBO Hard Knocks is a hollywood story. Revis is the director of this movie.