You're the GM: Your Road to Wrestlemania (Competition)

Jackoby CalibanContributor IAugust 25, 2010

Whats up Bleachers.

Upon seeing the return of C vs. C (great comp.) I thought I would join in with a competition of my own, if you want to do it comment saying you will publish an article.

After reading article after article going on about how bad both WWE and TNA are booking their shows I thought it's a chance to see if the people of Bleacher Report are able to produce a better storyline/feud.

Basically this is a competition to see who can create the best feud starting at the Royal Rumble through to WrestleMania, any wrestlers, any show, let your creativeness be free with no holds barred. Hell if you wanted to you could end the WWE, or maybe finish the PG era, its up to you. As many rivalries as you want.

After each person has entered their storyline I will publish another article in which people will vote for there favourite, simple (you can vote for yourself and you can only vote once).

Only people who comment saying they will do it will be candidates, any articles that are written without letting me know will not be up for vote.

Also can writers put "You're the GM" in the title so I know it's to do with this

Can all articles be in by Wednesday, voting will start on Thursday

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading bleachers best storylines.

(Jack Woodbridge)