The Real Reason Why RVD Was Stripped of the Title!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 25, 2010

Recently, the TNA title was stripped from RVD due to the attack from Abyss. As we all most likely know, this is just a work. During my recent podcast, me and my co-host, Drew, discussed the real reason RVD was gone.

We both came to the conclusion that it was most likely due to his contract situation.

Well, as it turns out, we were right. According to the Wrestling Observer, RVD’s contract had him being paid by the match.

Right now, TNA is cutting back their spending to save money. So, they are holding off on having RVD wrestle for awhile. He is scheduled to appear on the show after the tournament for the title is over.

He isn’t the only star that is feeling the tightness due to cutbacks. It is also being said that Sting, Nash, and Flair are all in the same boat. Flair is currently talking with TNA in regards to upping his contract. If TNA had any brains they would be taking care of RVD first.

I have to question a company that doesn’t want to pay one of their big players. Whether you like it or not, RVD has brought a lot of excitement into the Impact Zone. If they don’t re up his appearances, he just may bolt back to the WWE.

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