Letter to Bud Selig: Let Mark Cuban Buy the Chicago Cubs

mark murrellCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

Allan H. Selig

Commissioner of Baseball

Major League Baseball

777 E. Wisconsin Avenue | Suite 3060

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Dear Bud:

I want to address the upcoming acquisition of the Chicago Cubs.

As you know, Mark Cuban is currently the highest bidder. If he remains the highest bidder and the Tribune Company decides to go with him, leave it alone and let it happen. We Chicagoans want Cuban.

I know how you like to influence owners to vote accordingly to your vision.

Just know that if Mark Cuban wins the bid, and you influence the owners to negate the acquisition, I will no longer be a fan of Major League Baseball.

So don’t pull another Red Sox deal. Allow Mark Cuban into the league. The Cuban factor will bring sizeable growth to baseball.


Mark Murrell
Still a Baseball Fan

P.S. I am sending a similar letter to all of the MLB owners (and George Mitchell, too).

P.P.S. To ensure the integrity of American Business, send this letter to Bud Selig.