The Right People Won. The Wrong People Lost.

Joel DanielsContributor IAugust 25, 2010

There are many things in this life that have been deemed impossible. Climbing Mount Everest. Flying. Walking on the Moon. As you all know the aforementioned have all been dreamt up, conceived and eventually made into the possible.

However, as sure as there is no cure for death, I did not think it at all, in the least, by no long-shots possible that the WWE would ultimately destroy and/or obliterate the biggest event of the summer. But like the aforesaid, WWE ensured that for this year's Summer Slam the impossible was indeed made possible.


First on the docket we have Team WWE (basically Team RAW) versus The Nexus. In the name of all things good and tranquil I will take you all down a little trip on the brick road of memory lane. Ever since the Nexus decimated John Cena and other RAW personnel I for one have been cheering for them. But such loyalty was indeed fickle as no sooner did my saviours vanquish Randy Orton's chance of winning at Fatal Four-way did I turn against them.

That was typical Orton-bias, of course and as such my hatred didn't last long. In a three-sixty fashion, I was soon back on the Nexus bandwagon and taking utter delight in seeing the great almighty John Cena being pushed into the deepest corner of his entire career. Fret not as I am well aware that the Nexus is far from perfect. Yes they do have as much talent as Randy's fingernail, but more importantly they are more entertaining than the U-Can't-See-Me baby-face John Cena. And yes none of the Nexus members deserve anything or have any rights to squander anything after costing greatness the chance to win back his title. However, those were all facts I was willing to overlook to see the end of John Cena at Summer Slam.


Well, that didn't happen. The hopes I had after seeing both Edge and Jericho leave the RAW Seven Avengers just days before Summer Slam all went for zip when both men returned to the aid of their RAW Team. And just to add salt to the proverbial cut, a former Nexus man who couldn't cut it -Daniel Byran if you will -was chosen by Cena and the other five to join Team WWE in battle. Upon seeing the two teams it became more than clear that Nexus would lose. And lose they did.

Looking into that match, the Seven Avengers by all rights had to win. They were the correct winners simply because:

1. Summer Slam HAS to end on a positive note. Having Nexus - a group as talented as Sheamus - win against RAW's top superstars on the grandest summer stage in WWE would be disastrous. I shudder when I think of the backlash Vinny would receive had he committed such an act of tyranny.

2. After all John Cena's been through he won't lose now. I have heard that sob tale so many times, and it wasn't about to lose it's flavour just to please me and the Nexus.

Flipping the coin however, reveals the fact that it was wrong to let Nexus lose. Why? Three reasons.

1. Nexus is an upcoming group of okay young guys who overtime can become a challenge for the older guys and our future WWE Champion, Randy Orton (who by the way is still very much young!)

2. I for one was intrigued by this whole "bigger picture" idea. I speculated it to entail John being WHC and Jericho - with the aid of Nexus - becoming the new WHC and keeping it thanks to his seven bodyguards. With the loss at Summer Slam that idea went down the drain.

And 3. Now with the loss at Summer Slam the Nexus is simply a group of seven useless men with negative integer credibility.

On a positive note, I'm happy the Nexus lost because now I can return to hating them for costing Randy the win at Fatal Fourway.


Moving along. Sheamus vs Orton. WWE Championship. Thankfully the failure that is Nexus did not come and interfere. Sadly, it didn't matter. The right person won this match. Randy won via Disqualification. I'm going to assume that you all know what that means in a title match. If you don't, then let me tell you: It means that Sheamus is STILL our WWE Champion and Randy is STILL in his now TEN MONTH title drought.

Randy winning thanks to Sheamus attacking the match official just makes Sheamus more hated and even less credible (another thing I thought was impossible) than he was before.

Sheamus losing was bad. Just bad. However, on the flip side, it's a good thing. Why? Think about it. For all the BS that Randy's been through ever since he stepped onto face-land, I believe that the time for his return as The Evil Viper is fast approaching. And all I can say is that whoever is prancing around with Randy Orton's title by then, will be entering early retirement.


The following doesn't belong in this article since it ended in a no contest, but I'll put it in anyways. Dolph Ziggler is our Intercontinental Champion. He won it from Kofi on SmackDown and as such had a Summer Slam title match against the former champion. The match was okay at most, and with Nexxus' interference to "ensure that there will be no seventh member on Team WWE" it went up to a satisfactory. Dolph's still the IC Champion, and Kofi's just Kofi.

Next, Melina vs Alicia Fox. Quick guess on who's holding the Diva's title here. If you guessed the latter woman, then I apologize for tarnishing the Diva's title. Thankfully Alicia lost her Summer Slam title match. However, to the article's title, this isn't right.

It should have been a gruelling, back-and-forth match, Alicia should have won the match and retained her title in the same fashion as Sheamus did. Why? It would give her some form of credibility when it comes to understanding the intricacies of heel behaviour. However, let's be realistic here. WWE doesn't care about its' Divas. They're simply showpiece accessories to the Ferrari that is the WWE Superstars.

However, I care. I care about the prestige of the Diva's title. And I know that Melina winning was wrong simply because I hate Melina. Okay, bias aside, Melina winning here and now doesn't build up much of a storyline for Alicia. It kills all credibility for the former champion, and makes me despise the fact that Mayrse is STILL NOT champion. Her championship drought is longer than Orton's for Pete's sake and by all rights Melina doesn't deserve the title. Not by any long shots.


I digress.


With that over with I bring you to the final pieces of the misfit puzzle/disaster that Summer Slam turned out to be. First off, Big Show vs the SES. Lame is the only word that comes to mind when I think of this match. SES was a good idea. It bridged the gap between right and wrong but twisted it by giving us a Charles Manson type of preacher in CM Punk. After his loss to Rey and subsequent hair shaving ritual at Over The Limit, I knew the SES was running on empty. WWE solidified that at Summer Slam by killing what was left of the group. To be completely honest, this is another match that shouldn't even be in this article simply because the winner and loser could have gone to either side without affecting the balance of the WWE Universe at all.


Secondly, and last on the docket, we have the Kane vs Rey match. Thanks to this site I unfortunately learned that The Undertaker was going to return at Summer Slam. Don't get me wrong here, because honestly I am glad that he has made a full recovery from his "vegetative state", but I enjoyed being kept in the dark about his return date because lately, WWE has become extremely and sickeningly predictable.


Back to the matter at hand. Kane won. No surprise because I didn't see Vinny giving the Underdog a title reign that could squash his "pity victory" at WrestleMania 22. As soon as Kane won, the DeadMan emerged from his coffin (who knew he was hiding there all this time? XD) and demanded answers - from Rey mind you - about his attacker. Suddenly he struck out at Kane only to be overpowered and pile-driven by his own brother.

Kane winning was probably the only right thing (next to Edge and Jericho beating down Cena after getting eliminated in their match) in this entire Summer Slam fiasco. If Rey had won, feel free to tell me of one person willing to believe that HE put The Undertaker into a vegetative state. Don't strain yourself because there isn't a soul out there who would believe that.


Overall, Summer Slam 2010 lived down to it's name, history and hype. For forty bucks I got a truckload of disappointment, a waste of my time, and a headache. With this failure-to-launch I can say without a doubt that it is now apparent that the year 2010 is not going to be the best year for the WWE. And we may as well brace ourselves for that possibility.