Jaguars: Pull Colts off Their Throne

Bernard StasenCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

Jacksonville Jaguars 12-4 T-1st AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 12-4 T-1st AFC South

Tennessee Titans 9-7 3rd AFC Sout

Houston Texans 7-9 4th AFC South


I see this as the year that the Jaguars will unite as a whole and take down the empire known as, Indianapolis.

With this, comes help from Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves, to fill in for the traded Marcus Stroud.

Two new weapons on the receiving line for Garrard, Porter and Williamson, will prove as great picks-ups for the rough-and-tough Jaguars.

A moderate schedule would be hard to say the Jaguars can't win at least 12 games this year.

Questionable injuries to Peyton Manning, might find others and myself any reason that this isn't their year.

I see Tennessee and Houston both falling one game back of last years mark.

Tennessee might surprise people with double digits wins.

With a nice pick-up of Crumpler in the off-season, gives Mr. Young another threat to throw the pigskin to.

I just see the Jaguars being the sleeper Super Bowl pick this year.