How To Save Gas Money

greg taylorContributor IAugust 5, 2008

I think this will be one of my more helpful writings that everybody can actually benefit from in their own lives. We all know that gas prices are on the rise like crazy and they just keep getting higher and higher, right? Recently I found this site where you can type in your city and zip code and it'll give you a list of the cheapest gas prices around your area! I know, when I first came across this site, I was thinking "this is the greatest invention ever".

The way this works is it's a network of tons of gas websites plus local people from the area who drive past them and can always update the prices whenever they see it. All prices are usually updated within 48 hours depending if people updated it or not.

If you don't drive, but have a friend/parents who do be sure to let them know. you'll be saving them tons of money!