Liverpool's new signings... quality or quantity?

David OwenCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2008

So another season dawns, and the transfer market has been full of rumours, scandals, slavery and one or two actual transfers.

Liverpool by Rafa Benitez's personal admission, have been forced to shop in the bargain-basement, due to Gillet and Hicks not releasing the desired amount of money. Well spotted to find Robbie Keane hiding in the basement then.

I, personally, wouldn't consider him a bargain-basement type of player. His ability combined with that of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard, could provide the key to unlock a few defences, which have seemed rather too tightly shut for my liking over the past few seasons.

I've only had the opportunity to watch Andrea Dossena play once, and I liked what I saw. Quick, strong and a decent ball into the area. Granted, one or two mistakes, but overall a positive impression was made.

I saw David Ngog for about 35 seconds during the Rangers friendly, and after watching him dance and dazzle his way through the defence before burying the ball in the bottom corner, I was suitably impressed.

I haven't seen Phillip Degen, Dani Pacheco or Diego Cavalieri to make a justifiable comment on their possible impact at LFC this season.

In my humble and completely biased opinion, I think that this could be a season where Liverpool can push the rest of the contenders harder than we have seen in the past five seasons.

A large factor, though, will be our ability to avoid dropping points against the so-called "minnows" of the Premier League—our perennial Achilles heel.

As my first article on Bleacher Report, I'd like as much constructive criticism as possible to help write better future articles.