Patriots-Ravens: Signs of a Conspiracy

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Patriots-Ravens: Signs of a Conspiracy've always been more of a fan of pro football than the college game.

The 100+ teams in college, the players who only shine for two years, the train wreck of the BCS—it all wears me out.

But given the state of the NFL, I might just have to switch my allegiance.

The NFL, the corporate king of the pro leagues, is becoming unwatchable. And there may be a conspiracy behind its decline.

I've never been a conspiracy theorist myself—but after watching Monday's Patriots-Ravens game, I'm starting to believe.

The "Golden Boy"—Tom Brady—and the "Golden Franchise"—the Pats—simply weren't allowed to lose.

Twice the Ravens stopped Brady and the Pats on fourth down in the final minutes of the game—only to have both plays nullified. First, with 1:46 left, a Ravens timeout wiped out the stop. Then, a false start on the Pats pushed New England back to 4th-and-6.

After Brady scrambled for a first down, the Pats stalled in the red zone. On fourth down with under a minute left, the Ravens knocked down a desperation pass in the end zone.

Game over, right?


Flag on the field. Holding in the secondary. Half the distance to the goal, first down.

Of course.

Brady proceeded to throw a touchdown to Jabar Gaffney with :44 left. After the score was upheld on review—and we all know it had a snowball's chance in hell of being overturned—the Ravens got the ball back.

On the game's final play, Ravens QB Kyle Boller completed a Hail Mary inside the five yard line to Mark Clayton—who was practically raped by several Patriots and just barely kept out of the end zone.

And so the Chosen Ones secured their victory.

The NFL's credibility is at stake here. We can trace the favoritism of New England back six years to the "Tuck Rule" game, which could have stopped the Pats dynasty before it even started.

As it stands, the league's pro-Patriots bias is painfully obvious—and it's starting to get tiresome. Maybe next year Saturday will be my football day, not Sunday.

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