Butler: On Top Of The Indiana Landscape

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Butler: On Top Of The Indiana Landscape
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Ever since their 2010 National Championship game run, I've seen more and more Butler gear around my home town of Indianapolis.

I mean lets face it, IU isn't quite the college basketball powerhouse they once were, and while Purdue had a great chance to make a tournament run last year, because of the injury to Pummel, their season was pretty much cut short early.

Much love to Notre Dame, but they aren't exactly a power house when it comes to Big East Basketball.

So that leaves us with the Butler Bulldogs. The lowly school that could, who has the biggest incoming freshman class this fall, is on top of the Indiana landscape.

I assure you folks, these Bulldogs are know fluke, and Gordon Hayward did not "make" that team.

What made that team the National Championship contenders that they were, is a philosophy of basketball known as The Butler Way.

Meaning that it's not just one player that makes a championship team, its the whole squad,(or in this case the whole Dog Pack.)

The only leader of that Dog Pack is Butler Head Coach Brad Stevens.

Since becoming head coach of the Bulldogs in April of 2007, Stevens is 89–15 in his three tenure,(which is a record for most wins by a Div.I Coach in NCAA History.)

The bottom line is, like it or not, Butler is becoming a National Powerhouse in the NCAA.

For the Bulldogs it's today Indiana, tomorrow the Nation. And their time is fast approaching.

~James Cook Future Associated Press

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