Is Theo Epstein Serious Right Now?

Josh TargeContributor IAugust 24, 2010

(ESPN Boston) - Detroit Tigers outfielder Johnny Damon confirmed to reporters Monday that he has been claimed on waivers by the Red Sox and that he has until Wednesday to decide whether he will waive his no-trade clause to return to Fenway Park.

Yesterday, the Boston Red Sox claimed Johnny Damon off waivers from the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers could give Damon away for nothing, or work out a deal with Boston. Damon, however, does have a clause in his contract where he can shoot down a trade to eight teams of his choice. Boston is one of those teams. Damon has until the end of Wednesday to decide if he wants to get traded back to Boston.

Ok Theo. I've supported your great decisions over the years now you are one of the top 5 General Managers in the league right now. But, I am seriously questioning this move. I mean for a team that made no moves whatsoever to aide the Red Sox playoff push at the July Trade Deadline, I don't see how adding an almost 37 year old to this lineup can help. I'm not even talking about his past with Boston and its fans yet, im talking about his present abilities for the remaining 6+ weeks of this season.

Johnny Damon's current batting line is .272, 7 Home Runs, 42 Rbis with 67 runs. I would understand this move if the Sox were getting Johnny Damon of five years ago, but that idiot is long gone. I wonder if Theo and crew realized Damon's only played 37 games this season in the outfield. Seriously, i would much rather see guys like Ryan Kalish and Daniel Nava improve their game in the big leagues instead of watching a washed up Damon drag his feet and toddler arms in the outfield.

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little hard on Damon, maybe he can improve his game and really prove to be a nice asset in Boston's lineup. But, what about how Johnny left Boston in December of 2005. Damon left Boston, after helping them win their first World Series in 86 years, and bolted to the Bronx for a ridiculous 52 million dollars. He was called a traitor and a bunch of other nasty names by some Sox fans, rightfully so. When Damon comes back to Fenway he gets a shower of mixed boo's and applauds. It's a weird situation.

Damon should make up his mind soon, but he claims he loves Detroit and his teammates so maybe he'll stay with Detroit and try and resign next year.

All I know is that if Theo is bringing back Damon he better be giving calls to Millar, Bellhorn and Nomar.

UPDATE(Wednesday): Everybody, its going to be ok! Damon says he's staying with the Tigers! Phew