Can Chael Sonnen Put Anderson Silva Away in a Rematch?

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2010

News broke today that Anderson Silva's next fight is expected to be a rematch against Chael Sonnen. The fight is expected to take place in late 2010 or the beginning of 2011.

To this date, Sonnen has been the most successful UFC fighter that has faced Silva. He talked a bunch of trash, and in a scary way he came out and lived up to it, minus the win.

After UFC 117, Dana White mentioned, "It's definitely a rematch I think people are going to want to see."

Will Sonnen be able to pull it off this time?

There's a good chance, so it seems. Sonnen completely out-struck and out-wrestled Silva for the better part of five rounds, and his aggressive wrestling style nullified any hope of effective offense on the part of Silva.

This will prove to be a very interesting rematch, and it will likely be one with completely different odds.

A lot of people viewed UFC 117 as a good showing for Silva, since he proved how big his heart really is. Yet a lot of others viewed it as verification that Silva is nowhere near as dominant as many think.

Despite where you might stand, this will be an exciting rematch, maybe more so than Machida vs. Shogun II.

Will Sonnen be able to work on his submission defense enough to last the final two minutes of round five? Will Silva be able to work on his takedown defense enough to keep it standing?

In relation to a rematch, these are now more interesting questions than there were during Silva vs. Sonnen I, as many, many people discounted any chance Sonnen might have. Sonnen proved, though, that he cannot be discredited or taken lightly.

What would be the implications of each fighter if either lost?

If Sonnen lost the rematch, nothing much would be made of it. Nobody can claim that he was lucky the first time around as he proved well beyond the normal round limit that he can deliver punishment to the best fighters in the world.

If Silva lost, a lot of people would view it as a reckoning, and losing to Sonnen in addition to taking a severe beating in the first fight would severely tarnish his legacy even more than it's already been tarnished in the eyes of many as Silva was widely anticipated to systematically disassemble Sonnen.

The good part of this is that there's plenty of time for ribs to heal and egos to be mended, so hopefully there will be no excuses for a poor performance this time around. Let's hope for a great, exciting fight.