Montreal Canadiens: A Short History Of Billy Coutu

Daniel ArouchianSenior Analyst IAugust 24, 2010

Coutu started his hockey career in 1916 with the Montreal Canadiens. He also played for the Boston Bruins and the Hamilton Tigers. 

Billy Coutu's last name is sometimes incorrectly spelled "Couture". This error appears is many NHL history books and at one time even showed up in the Montreal Canadiens official website.

He played in the NHL from 1916-1933.  From 1932-1935 he coached the Providence Reds. He then went on to coach the New Haven Eagles from 1937-38

He was also a ruthless player.How ruthless was he? Let's see for ourselves.

  • January 21, 1925 - Suspended two games and fined $100 by NHL for misconduct.
  • January 19, 1926 - Suspended one game and fined $100 by NHL for tripping referee Jerry Laflamme vs Ottawa Senators.
  • April 13, 1927 - Suspended for life from the NHL for assaulting referee Jerry Laflamme, tackling referee Billy Bell, and starting a bench-clearing brawl after a Stanley Cup game. (Only player to have been suspended for life)
  • January 5, 1928 - Traded to New Haven (Can-Am) by Boston with Pat (Nobby) Clark for cash.
  • January 28, 1928 - Suspended for the season by Can-Am for hitting George Redding of Boston with his stick in January 23, 1928 game.
  • January 29, 1928 - Suspension lifted by Can-Am and changed to a $200 fine.
  • October 8, 1929 - Lifetime suspension from NHL lifted.
  • October 2, 1934 - Named manager of Providence (Can-Am)
  • March 24, 1935 - Ejected from Can-Am game for abusing referee Jack Cameron

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