Raw Rebound: The Proof Is In The Pudding

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Raw Rebound: The Proof Is In The Pudding


Last week, Jillian surprisingly got the win for her team by pinning Eve Torres. Some were hopeful that it would lead to a push for the Songstress, while others considered it nothing but a mere filler match. Whatever the case, the win earned Jillian a title shot against Melina this week. Watch what went down when the two collided.

Jillian's in the ring and she says she's going to win the Divas Championship again before singing Eminem's "Not Afraid". This goes on until Melina's music hits and she makes her big entrance. The bell rings and we're underway.

The two tie up, Jillian powering Melina to the ropes soon after. She backs off only to nail the champion in the face with a forearm. When Jillian comes back at Melina, she wraps her legs around Jillie's neck, choking her and then kicking her on the top of her head. She tries following up with a second kick, but Jillian catches her leg, pulling her down into the splits position quickly.

The former Divas Champ runs the ropes, missing a kick that Melina ducks out of, and gets kicked herself. Jillian ends up in perfect positioning for Melina to attempt her patented double-knee smash on the middle rope, but Jillie moves out of the way just before Melina's knees meet the back of her head. The Songstress rams Mel's back into her knee by her hair, going for the pin but only receiving two.

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She follows up with a submission hold, pulling both of the A-lister's arms behind her and driving her knee into Mel's back as well. Melina tries fighting out of it, but Jillian then uses her flexibility against her, positioning Melina into the splits yet again and standing on her back as a surfboard. That was creative and painful!

Jillian then tries hitting some kind of move from Melina's back, but the champion reverses it by flipping Jillian over from a wheelbarrow position and the Songstress eats mat.

She follows up with a forearm and the matrix, bouncing off the ropes and hitting her running hair-faceplant for two. Melina sends Jillian to the corner, ending up there herself and jumping over Jillian. The former champ stays on her toes, though, taking Melina down with a messy shot to the face. She then positions Melina near the corner, belting out a note before missing a diving leg drop. Ouch! Melina then takes advantage, hitting the Last Call for the pin and the win.

Melina celebrates but LayCool cut the celebration short, catching Melina's attention on the titantron. They tell the A-list Diva that they haven't seen her since Summerslam, taking some time to praise themselves for their handiwork. They say there's a reason they did what they did, and that next week on the 900th episode of Raw they've got an offer Melina simply can't refuse. LayCool say it's "Flawless!" before the segment ends.


The match was good, and Melina again proves why she is a top Diva, if not the top Diva. Say what you want, but Melina does consistently put out the best Divas matches. She knows what to do with the short amount of time she's given, and it always comes off great on TV as well. Tonight was no exception, because that match was really good.

Going into this match everyone thought it was going to be a trainwreck, because apparently these two don't have chemistry together. Judgement Day 2006, anyone?

Ever since last year's series of one-minute matches where they botched—even though it was only two matches that they botched—people have said that they don't have chemistry. It was inevitable that they botch with one minute and a few extra seconds to work with! They've had multiple matches in the past, and all have been good, so I don't get how two badly booked matches can define two competitors' chemistry together.

Well, tonight they proved the naysayers wrong, because it was a very good, watchable Divas match for once! Even though I didn't expect anything to come of it, I'm glad Jillian got this title shot. She's a great worker with an abundance of talent, so a title match now and then for her is great to see. If WWE was smart, they'd actually utilize her to her full potential, but I'll take what I'm given.

I'm happy this whole LayCool-Melina angle is being continued. I would say it's the most interesting thing to happen with the Divas since "Piggie James". I like the way next week was set up, because it is going to be the special 900th episode of Raw, and LayCool's proposition for Melina causes people to want to tune in.


I can't help but feel that next week is going to be a big night, Diva-wise. There are many possibilities for what LayCool wants with Melina, but let me tell you what I think is going to happen.

One possibility is LayCool asking Melina to join their group. Many are probably wondering why in the hell they would do that, but think about it. LayCool are obsessed with gold, and with Melina added to their group they would have all the women's gold in the company. Simple. Another possibility is LayCool challenging Melina to a title unification match at Night of Champions. Personally, I would love for this to happen.

Although it'd probably be a cop-out on WWE's part (as to not have more than one Divas match at the big PPV), I think it could really help the WWE Women's Division. If one woman is holding all the gold, she'd be able to appear on both brands, and this would lead to a wider array of segments and matches, something Smackdown desperately needs right now. The person with both belts could feud with someone from the opposing brand until Beth returns, and then things could pick up again.

I think for this to work, LayCool would have to win, but personally I want Melina to become the first unified women's title holder. My only fear is that if LayCool does win, the titles would be turned into Women's Tag Team Championships, and honestly, that would be a complete catastrophe as far as I'm concerned.


The women aren't ready for tag titles, and I don't even think there's enough women to form the required amount of teams for a Divas Tag Team Division.

If LayCool did win said match, though, maybe WWE could work Beth's return into this new angle. She could come in to help Melina reclaim her championship belt by facing LayCool in a winner takes all match. Beth would return to Smackdown Women's Champ, Melina to Raw Divas Champ, and through this, seeds for a LayCool feud could be planted.

Whatever happens, there are big possibilities stemming from this angle. And rest assured that next week something big will take place in this LayCool-Melina feud.

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