Team 3D Leaving TNA? Reports Show Contracts Expiring

Stephen LyonContributor IIIAugust 24, 2010,, and are reporting that Team 3D, formerly the Dudley Boyz, have contracts in TNA which are expiring this week, and that we may have seen the last of Team 3D in TNA.

While negotiations are still taking place between TNA and Devon and Ray, it looks like they are far from any sort of agreement. Speculation is that they will be leaving the company.

Neither Devon or Ray were written into this week's tapings. However, it has been mentioned that Ray was working in a production capacity without working the tapings as a performer.

Their last TV appearance was during a promo on TNA Reaction on Aug. 19.

Brother Ray and Brother Devon are 23-time World Tag Team Champions, and have performed for several wrestling promotions, including TNA, WWF/E, ECW, and NJPW.