Older Wrestlers: Legends, Icons, BLACK PLAGUE?????

Eric RyalsContributor IAugust 23, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 18:  Hulk Hogan is helped by the 'Nasty Boys' Brian Knobbs and Solofa Fatu Jnr after an altercation with Rick Flair during a press conference for 'Hulkamania - Let The Battle Begin' at Star City on November 18, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)
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Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Undertaker, Sting all names synonyms with pro wrestling but has their time expired. I'm my oponion Yes, yes it is. These guys have done everything they possibly could for pro wrestling so why are they still around, all they're doing is keeping the wrestling industry from progressing......


HULK HOGAN: during his NWO time his theme would state "the biggest icon in wrestling." If ever a true statement was ever spoken it would be this, but honestly Hogan has become the black pleague of pro wrestling. He may or may not be the biggest name ever but that was 10 year ago Hogan is 20 years PAST his prime and he's the most selfish legend in the business..... HE constantly tries to keep himself in the picture he signs on with the "next big trend" and tried to make it his own...he did it in WCW he did it in WWE (2004) and he's doing it now.... Hogan previously went on record to say TNA wasnt the major leagues and as soon as it got hot....Hogan is the poster child...... Everywhere he goes Hogan becomes the master politician and plays the game for him and his friends only...keeping his boys in the spotlight...and the only people who get a "shot" are those who get the HH seal of approval....and it sucks


Ric Flair: The 16 time world champ.......probably the most charasmatic champion to ever lace up the boots has now semented his legacy into a joke....This man commited a lude act by RETIRING from WWE only to say "I owe it to my fans to wrestle again"...no Ric you owe it too us to stay retired like you swore you would..Just like Hogan Flair is in it for a pay check....as much as he says he he wants to breed champions he want to breed cash in his pocket.....Flair has lost ALL this Flair when he joined TNA a company 1 year ago he said he never heard of.....Ric Flair has RAPPED the wrestling business for everything it had to offer as though the business owes him anything.....If anything Flair owes the business that he has stolen from the past 8-10 years...he owes us fan his word that he was retired he owes these young guys tv time that they deserve and most of all he owes himself that right to be able to sit back and appreciate what the business has become (or what it should be)

Kevin Nash: Another 1 of the old guys who refuse to step out of the spot light... This guys can barely walk let alone wrestle yet he get 10 min spot for TV time where are people who wanna work who wanna wrestle like Daniels and Alissa FLash loose jobs b/c theres "nothing for them"......Kevin Nash needed to step to the side when WWE ended the NWO b/c HE GOT HURT....KEvin Nash the Backbiter of Pro Wrestling...

Triple H: Not as bad as the other guys but it's time for him to step to the side...he gets hurt once a year and gets paid to sit on his ass(as far as ring money.) Triple H like the rest of these guys is very political as far as pushing the guys he wants HOWEVER he offers more to the business in the corperate office then the ring...I mean honestly it's about that time....EVERYONE (with 3 exception who have stated they will be retiring soon) who helped make Triple H's career what is is are gone...The Rock, Stone Cold, HBK,,have gone off to retire...Triple H buddy take a hint

Undertaker & Sting: Read the above

these guys are all great but their times are resectivly up....they all have so many other things they can do.....but what do you guys think.....should they go should they stay... comment, let me know your thoughts