Wimbledon: Will Justine Henin's Dream Ever Come True?

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

When we think of Justine Henin, we think of the French Open. When we think of her desires, we think of Wimbledon. When we think of Wimbledon, we think of her defeats.

Justine Henin is one of the best in her sport.  

It's the David-Goliath story relived in front of our own eyes. The meek vs. the mighty.

Justine Henin has achieved almost anything that anyone could ever want. She's wealthy, successful, famous, and smart. Justine Henin has achieved almost everything she has wanted, except the most important title of all—Wimbledon.

Will Justine Henin's haunted house always be Wimbledon? Yes. Has she come back to enter it yet again? Yes. Has it done her any good? No.

Justine Henin came back from retirement to achieve the Golden Slam. The only part of the set that was missing was Wimbledon.  

But this year, Justine Henin won't be at the US Open. The reason? Wimbledon. Henin succumbed to her athletic rival Kim Clijsters in their blockbuster fourth round match.  

Does she have the willpower to come back and win Wimbledon?