WWE Up Grade: Ways To Improve The Falling WWE

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

WWE Up Grade: Ways To Improve The Falling WWE

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     I know we all love the WWE, but we all know the way its going it's just going to lose fans instead of gain them. I've been thinking of how it would be possible to make it better during this crappy PG-13 era.

     I thought of a few that might make it more interesting.

Re-Up The Tag Team Contenders

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      The first name you would think of right now when it comes to tag team dominance would have to be The Hart Dynasty.

     During the WWE it is hard to recall only one good tag team on a show at one time. I mean c'mon The Uso's? I know the Hart Dynasty is good but come on, when have they actually competed on Raw last?

     The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian. Remember these guys. The one thing I remember about these great tag teams was even if my favorite tag team, which should be pretty obvious, had the belts I honestly never knew how long they could hold them.

     I know it's impossible to replace these teams but at least make it kind of hard for The Hart Dynasty to keep them.

Go Back To Competing On Every Show

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     I don't know if I am the only one who really hates this but it would greatly improve the ratings if done.

     Having every wrestler on both brands on every Raw and Smackdown would save the whole "following your favorite" thing. i know a few times I have lost count of the day and if it was a monday it really sucks because I know I have to wait a whole week to see it again instead of just a few days.

     This would also create new and bring back old rivals. For everyone wanting to see a match lets say between the two heavyweight champs or maybe just two that dont have belts.

     Since we just seen the unification of the tag team titles, it would create more interest by making again the WWE Undisputed Champion.

New or Old Pay-Per Views

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     I know the WWE has made a few new PPV's but I believe there are still a lot more ways to entertain us.

     King of the Ring was a great tournament. If they dont want to make a trophy every year like they used to then how about a title shot? This event also shows how good a wrestlers stamina is by competing in multiple matches.

    Maybe thinking of some different types of matches would help out too.

    And think about having a legends night or something where past WWE wrestlers, that are still capable, come back for one night as a PPV.

END THE PG ERA!!!!!!!!!!

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     Not likely to happen but if it goes a new way a lot more people would watch.

New or Old Belts

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     More belts would mean more wrestlers. More wrestlrs would mean rivals being formed, allies we thought we would never see, and giving the guys who have lately been taken for granted  *cough* Swagger and MVP *cough*

      Plus I know the Hardcore Title might not be allowed in the PG era but how about a different name for it like the Falls Counts Anywhere belt or something a little better where you cant use weapons but can get the title anywhere.

     So these are just a few ideas I have thought about. What do you guys think? Can the WWE change or do we have to settle with the crap on now?