"Cody", Episode 8, "Can't Get Away"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

Previously on Cody: Cody won for Most Handsome and Most Conceited on the Superstar Superlative, found a new fling, went to Hooters, and things got steamy fast.

Let's see what happened the next morning...

The next morning Cody wakes up about 5:00 a.m to catch his flight to the next city. Nicole sleeps soundly on the bed.

Cody: *shrugs and thinks* Damn, that was a good night! I haven't heard anybody say my name that many times in a LONG time.

*grabs suitcase and thinks* Poor girl, the least I could do is kiss her goodbye...

*kisses, walks out, and closes the door*

A couple hours later...

Nicole: (sleepily) Mmm...Cody...that was great.

*sits up* Cody?

Nicole looked high and low for Cody, but he was no where to be found. She went up to the room and checked out of the hotel.

Cody: *thinks* Oh, a message from Randy.

"Dude! How'd it go last night? Did you get it in?"

Cody: *thinks* I think I'm gonna call him...

(ring, ring, ring)

Randy: Hello?

Cody: Yo homes.

Randy: Haha, the man of the hour! So...how was it?

Cody: Damn good.

Randy: I taught you well, almost too well.

Cody: Look out! I'm about to smash your smashing record!

Randy: I doubt that very much.

Cody: Hey i'll call you back, i'm taking off now!

Randy: Ok.

As Cody landed, he looked at his phone and seen it said "8 Missed Calls and 8 Voicemails" all from Nicole. Cody felt a tad bit guilty but kept a cool, cocky demeanor, didn't call and deleted all the voicemails. In the distance, Cody seen a small man holding a sign that said "Cody Rhodes". It turns out that it was...

Cody: Evan Bourne?

Evan: Yep! I drew your name to see who I was gonna ride with to the SuperShow! Kinda like Cherry Pie! Hehehe!

Cody: Oh....ok?

Evan: I'm so excited to go to MSG again! It's such a rush! It's just like...YOWZA!

Cody: Yep.

Evan: You wanna drive first? Cuz I hate driving first, it's just like...UGH! YOU KNOW?!

Cody: Sure. *thinks* Did this guy drink 5 Red Bulls before coming here?

So Cody and Evan hit the road to their hotel in NYC. Strangely, Cody kept hearing Nicole say his name over and over again and it made him VERY happy.

Evan: Dude, why are you smiling like that? It's creeping me out!

Cody: Huh? Oh, sorry.

Evan: Hey your phone is ringing.

Cody: Who is it?

Evan: Um...Nicole?

Cody: Don't answer it!

Evan: Why not?

Cody: Just because.

Evan: I'm going to answer it.

Cody: Dammit Evan!

Evan: Hello?

Nicole: Hi, who is this?

Evan: This is Evan.

Nicole: Oh, is Cody there?

Evan: *puts hand over phone* Are you here?

Cody: NO.

Evan: Ya, he's right here.

Cody: Screw you!

Nicole: Can I talk to him?

Evan: Ya. *gives Cody the phone*

Cody: *presses END*

Evan: What did you do that for?

Cody: I don't want to talk to her.

Evan: Why not? She seems pretty nice, not to mention, she's totally hot! Like VOLCANIC MAGMA BUBBLING HOT!

Cody: You wanna know the truth?

Evan: Ya!

Cody: I hit then quit.

Evan: *gasps* Cody! Why would you do that?

Cody: Because I CAN.

Evan: I bet the poor girl is heartbroken!

Cody: Does it look like I care?

Evan: It does. You like her!

Cody: *grunts*

After what seemed to be a long drive, Cody checked into his room and saw that a housekeeper was in there...but it wasn't an old lady, OH NO NO NO!

Cody: *opens door*

Housekeeper: Oh senor, I didn't know you gonna be here so early.

Cody: I'm real glad that I did though.

Housekeeper: Oh really? *giggles*

Cody: If I didn't I wouldn't be able to see a true beauty like you.

Housekeeper: *giggles*

Cody: *thinks* Damn, she's like the Mexican Kim Kardashian.

Housekeeper: I should probably get going.

Cody: Or you could stay...

Meanwhile, a couple of hours later, Evan checked into his room and went down to the bar to talk about a concern about Cody.

Evan: Hey guys!

Randy: Mr. Bourne, how nice for you to join us.

Evan: Guys, i'm worried about Cody.

Ted: Huh? Why?

Evan: Because when he checked into his room, the housekeeper was still in there.

Randy: And?

Evan: Neither him or the housekeeper has came out! And it's been like two hours!

Ted: Damnnnnn! *fist pounds Randy*

Randy: I guess he really is trying to smash my smashing record!

Evan: Wait, what?

Ted: Cody is....um, how do I say it....

Hornswoggle: Bow Chicka Wow Wow!

Randy: Exactly!

Ted: Thank you!

Hornswoggle: Hehehehehaha!

Ted: Dare me to go knock on the door?

Randy: Hell yes!

Ted: OK, I will then!

So Ted takes the elevator up to the tippy-top and knocks on Cody's door.

Cody: Yo. *rubs cheek and puts ice on it*

Ted: What happened to your cheek?

Cody: Oh the hot housekeeper slapped me after I tried to flirt with her.

Ted: What?!

Cody: She left and smacked me! Can you believe that?

Ted: Ok, well I was just wondering...

Cody: It hurt too! Sheesh! Redness like this DOES NOT go down over night Teddy!

At the SuperShow in MSG, it was electric! Backstage, Cody and his partners are getting ready for their 6-man tag-team match.

LayCool: *points to Cody and themselves* Our team is....FLAWLESS!

Cody: Um, ya, let's go with that.

Then Cody's phone rings for the 15th time!

Layla: Gosh Cody! Who keeps calling you?

Cody: No one important.

Michelle: Let me see!

Cody: No, it's none of your business.

Layla: Come on Cody! How are we gonna be partners if we don't have trust?

Michelle: Good point, Lay.

Cody: [Ring, Ring, Ring] It's not important!

LayCool: LET US SEE! *tries to grab phone*

Cody: NO! *moves away*

Layla: Ok, you're right...

Cody: Thank you.

Little did Cody know, Michelle was right behind him and grabbed the phone right from his hand!

Michelle: Hmm...Nicole? Who is that Cody?

Cody: I told you it was nobody important!

Layla: Is that...your girlfriend?

Cody: NO! *walks away in frustration*

After the match and event finished, Cody still felt frustrated and went out to the bar to try and wash away his worries.

Bartender: What can I get for you?'

Cody: Get me a Jagerbomb please.

Bartender: One Jagerbomb coming right up!

Cody: No.

Bartender: Excuse me?

Cody: Don't get me one, get me five please.

Bartender: Five? Are you sure?

Cody: Yes, i'm sure. *puts money on bar*

Bartender: Alright.

A couple hours later...

Cody: (drunkenly) Just...just.....just get me sim aqua. Aqua ROCKS HARDCOREMANNNN! Wooooo!! *puts hand in air*


Kelly: Cody? Oh my gosh, are you drunk?

Cody: (drunkenly) No, no no no no no no no no no! *shakes head furiously and sticks tongue out*

Kelly: Let's go, we have to get you to the hotel.

Cody: (drunkenly) Wh...wh...why did I even f**k her? *looks at Kelly* Why? There was no friggin point to it!

Kelly: *puts hands on his face* What are you talking about?

Cody: Now, i'm f**ked! You wanna....you wanna know why?

Kelly: C'mon we have to go.

Cody: Because I didn't use no g*ddamn rubber ducky! That's....that's why! *pukes in trash can and passes out *

Kelly: This is not good. *takes out phone and dials number*

The next morning...

Cody: Ugh...my head...

Ted: WAKEY WAKEY CODEMAN!!!! *jumps on Cody*

Cody: What the hell, man?

Ted: Boy did we have a little adventure last night! *messes up hair* Hey, Randy! The drunken explorer is awake!!

Randy: *walks in from bathroom* How great was it that at 3 A.M I get a call from Kelly to go pick up your drunk ass? Huh? *punches arm harshly*

Cody: Ugh...that hurt. *covers self with blanket*

Ted: Get up! Your flight to Memphis is in 2 hours! We on the other hand are flying to Chi Town!

Randy: You mean Shy Town?

Ted: Ya, that too!

After a hot shower and some black coffee, Cody goes down to the lobby where Kelly is there as well.

Kelly: Cody, can I talk to you? It's really important.

Cody: Ya sure. And i'm sorry for how I acted last night, it was totally not cool.

Kelly: I really think you should call that girl ASAP.

Cody: What? Why?

Kelly: *plays recording from last night*

(Cody: Now, i'm f**ked! You wanna....you wanna know why?
Kelly: C'mon we have to go.
Cody: Because I didn't use no g*ddamn rubber ducky! That's....that's why!

Cody: *stares blankly* No, I had to. I mean I always do. *puts hands on face* Oh my god.

Kelly: I'm sorry. *puts hand on shoulder & walks out*

While Cody drove to the airport, he just stared blankly into space thinking of how he could have let something like this happen. He's so young, he's just at the height of his popularity, he can't have something like this tie him down. He can't.

Cody: *thinks* I can't call her. I can't do it.

Voice: You can Cody.

Cody: *looks behind*

Voice: I know you can. You can do it! Be strong!

Cody: Willis?

As soon as he said that, the voice evaporated into the air...just like the wind...

Cody: I can do this. *takes deep breath, takes phone out and dials*

Uh-Oh! This doesn't look good for Cody! What will happen? What will Nicole say? Will Hornswoggle have a role of his own? Stay tuned loyal readers to find out the answers to these burning questions on the next episode of "Cody"!

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