Mets Thole Is Showing More Grit As Backstop

Keith BennettCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

The Mets finally found an everyday catcher in rookie Josh Thole.

The Mets put Rod Barajas on waivers and he was later claimed by the Dodgers.

Mets brass felt Thole is a complete catcher to handle the pitchers and throw out runners. Thole just needs to get stronger and work out on the weights. He will show more pop in his short, choked-up swing.

Thole, a 2005 13th-round pick who is batting .289 this season, has .361 on-base percentage this year. He finished with a .395 on-base percentage in Double-A last year.

Thole looks like a lifetime .300 hitter with some power. I like that Thole worked on his catching skills in Triple-A to become a full time catcher.

The Mets found a gem in Thole's game.