The Temple Fork Signature Series Fly Rod

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The Temple Fork Signature Series Fly Rod
 I just added another fly rod to my arsenal. I have been thinking about what a 4 Wt. 8 ½ ft. would give me since catching some of the smaller bows on the Caney. I was using my 5 Wt at the time and discovered that I was getting too much overkill, especially when you are culling 9 and 10” stocker trout. Most of the time I could just pluck the fish out of the water with little effort. I know in the summer with the warmer water you can overplay the fish. I was looking for that rod that would give me the best of both situations, a little enjoyment in landing the fish and at the same time let the fish swim away healthy.
 I have the rod in Temple Forks 4 Wt. Signature Series. This rod for me is the  perfect fit for the fish I am pursuing. It has the backbone to land a larger fish if the occasion arises and yet it has the finesses to play the fish and let it live to fight another day. With its fast taper it is effortless for me to lay out line distance if there is a need to reach that certain far away spot. I like the two piece version over the 4 piece because I just think I can get a little better feel with a two piece as opposed to the four. Maybe that is just me and I know some swear by the 4 piece, but that is my own personal opinion. With this rod addition I have managed to keep all of them in sequence starting with my 3 Wt TP 7 ½ ft. then the new addition 4 Wt. 8 ½ ft. TF and last my retirement gift the 4 pc. Redington 8 ½ ft. ---so I am counting at 3, 4 and 5---and you never say never but could there be a 2 Wt or 6 Wt, in the future????

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