Kimbo Slice: Childrens' Movie Star

Matt ScottCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc., a film production company focused exclusively on developing high quality, low cost, polarized 3D feature films, announced today that the undefeated Mixed Martial Arts phenomenon Kimbo Slice will be co-starring with Hulk Hogan in Stereo Vision's hilarious kids' comedy "Kung Fu U" in 3D.

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Where to begin?

Am I the only one that has trouble imagining Kimbo Slice being a voice actor? Or seeing this as a good career move for a man who has yet to establish himself in a sport where he is constantly criticized?

Then again, I always have seen Kimbo as a loveable looking guy, perfect for kids movies.

Rumor has it that upon receiving an e-mail of inquiry in regards to playing a role in a movie titled "Kung Fu U", Kimbo responded by saying "Kung fu** you too, buddy".