TNA's Mystery Biker's Identity? ( Warning Possible Spoilers!)

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 22, 2010

Over the last month on TNA, we have seen a mystery woman on a motorcycle in The Beautiful People's storyline. She has played spoiler to both Rayne and Sky during their matches. The question everyone has is the identity of this mystery woman.

Some thought it was Mickie James, while others felt it maybe a new knockout in the division. Most people are guessing that it is most likely Tara. I also felt that the biker chick is Tara. Well a good source of mine confirmed that it is, indeed, her.

Also, if you were watching the shows, there are some hints to back my statement up. In last week’s tapings you can hear Rayne say Tara by name. Also, their bodies are very much alike. I know this doesn’t prove it to be 100 percent fact, but the person who told me is very good with his insider news.

I was really hoping that the mystery person would be someone new. The knockout division could really use some new blood as far as talent goes. Still; having Tara return is better than nothing. With her and Hamada back, it should really help out a very weak knockouts division.

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