The Last Shot

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIAugust 22, 2010

The Last Shot

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    The Last Shot takes a satirical aim at the athletes and events making news in the world of sports.  This week we go Hollywood, with filmmaker Ken Burns.

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    Ken Burns’ newest documentary, called The Tenth Inning, is set to air on PBS in September.  In it, Burns takes a look at baseball from the 1990’s to present day.

    Fortunately, Burns has not limited his documentaries to just America’s pastime.  Here are five new sports-driven documentaries that Ken Burns plans to release in the coming months.

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    BRETTIREMENT is a 48 part, 279 hour documentary directed by Ken Burns.  Through the use of archival pictures and really basic camera moves, BRETTIREMENT shuffles through the pros and cons of life after football.

    By the time you’ve watched all 48 parts of this epic, you’ll be eligible for retirement.

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    DWARF CURLING is a hard hitting film that leaves no stone unturned.  This powerful Ken Burns rockcumentary chronicles the tragic, yet inspiring story of a dwarf, a curling rock and a tube of super adhesive Poligrip.

    WARNING: Any “little person” resemblance to Ken Burns is purely coincidental.

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    MUSIC TO MY CHEERS - Gain a closer look as Ken Burns explores by what many, and by many we mean, the one, tone deaf guy sitting in the nosebleed section, calls the purest expression of American democracy…the baseball park organist.

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    ZAMBONI is a documentary driven film directed by Ken Burns.  ZAMBONI examines the lonely men who drive them, the lonelier men who service them, and the really lonely men who like to watch documentaries on the men who drive and service them.

    This film is a once in a lifetime experience… thankfully.

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    LYRCRA! is a one-part, 3 minute documentary film directed by Ken Burns.  LYCRA! penetrates deep into the world of Male Ice Dancers, asking the question… “Have any of these guys ever used a power tool?”