Brian Burke: Fire Wilson, Keep Kabs, I've Got a Plan!

Josh LawrenceContributor IAugust 22, 2010

TORONTO - APRIL 6: Tomas Kaberle #15 of the Toronto Maple Leafs skates up the ice during a NHL game against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Air Canada Centre on April 6, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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I have a plan and hopefully it makes you guys happy and hopefully by some chance Brian Burke will stumble upon this article and execute these moves or maybe he thinks it makes no sense, either way, you never know.

Now I'm sure Kaberle isn't the only guy having issues with Wilson I'm sure every player on that team has got at least one problem with that cold blooded snake we call Ron Wilson. Now what's better have a low trade value Kaberle play through the year and walk away or a resigned Kaberle without a NTC next season without Ron Wilson. I take the latter. Now here's my Solution. Fire Ron Wilson and try to entice Dale Hunter to come and coach. He is Known to be close with the players and pushing players to their full potential. He already has Chemistry with Kadri which would make the transition from OHL to NHL a little easier.

Now with Ron Wilson gone we can re-sign Kaberle to a three-year deal worth 4.5m per with bonuses of up to 5.5m if he scores at least 10 goals and we make the playoffs. Oh ya I forgot to mention no NTC just in case. Next move trade Beauchemin for a 2nd or 3rd rounder and a 5th or a promising young prospect to free up cap space and a D-slot.

Next, if we demote Finger to the minors that and the Beauch trade would free up 6.3 million in cap space. With that 6.3 mill in cap space we could sign  Paul Kariya to a two year deal worth 3m per year with bonuses of up to 4m considering he only netted 18 goals this past year and 25 points. That would leave us with 3.3 m left just from space saved to sign Raffi Torres. We could sign Raffi to a two year deal worth 1.5 mill per year with bonuses of up to 3m if he plays over 75 games and nets over 20 goals like we know he can.


That's my Plan hope you liked. Please Comment

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