All-WWE: A Tribute To This Years Best

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2010

 I was recently looking at my buddies thing online that named the All-State baseball players from the state of Missouri. The way they listed the players was intriguing. It got me thinking of other things that could be listed as All-State. Only this time I am changing it to the All-WWE. I will break it down to two wrestlers from each Raw and Smackdown. There will be tag teams, divas, and singles wrestlers.These are based solely on PPV's, kind of like the big games. The PPV's start from the 2010 Royal Rumble. I would also like to add this is not about who put on the best match, this is strickly about wins.

 1st Team All-WWE

  Raw- The Miz- Yes it's the Miz. He truely has been awsome since the 2010 Royal Rumble going 4-2 since then, losing both in tag team action.

  Tag Team- Hart Dynasty- This on is relatively easy pick. A perfect 4-0 against the Uso's, Big Show and Miz, and Jericho and Miz.

 Diva-Melina-  Melina went just 2-0. She did pick up a victory against Maria at Wrestlemania and recently beat Fox for the divas title.

 Smackdown-Kane- The Champ picks up the first team for smackdown going 4-1, having his only loss to Drew McIntyre.

  Tag Team- The Miz and The Big Show- Hard to pick one here since Smackdown virtually has no tag teams let alone have one in a PPV that could beat the Hart Dynasty but they have at last been there.

 Diva- Michele McCool- While McCool has not had a lot of PPV wins she has been there the most, and since theres not really a " stand-out" diva on smackdown she gets it.

                                            2nd team All-WWE

 Raw-Sheamus- This one might be argued by a lot of people. Most commonly would probably be , " Why not Cena or Orton"? Cena could have been there while he was 4-3 at PPV, counting the Nexus match. Orton wasn't as good going just 2-5. Sheamus went 4-2 losing only once on a DQ to Orton and the Elimination Chamber.

 Tag Team- The Uso's- Yes, once again I gotta say that the WWE needs to revamp their tag teams. When the Uso's are the only challenge for Hart Dynasty and they have lost twice to them in PPVs. It's not a good sign for the WWE.

 Diva- Alicia Fox- Alicia fox has only lost to Melina since the Rumble so she takes the 2nd team spot.

 Smackdown-Big Show- The Big Show has combined a 3-1 record. Losing in a tag match with The Miz against the Hart Dynasty.

 Tag Team-Archer and Hawkins- While these guys have not made a PPV, they have very much earned this spot. As hopefully soon they can go to Raw and challenge the Hart Dynasty so they can finally start earning their money. They have been very successful in the last few months.

 Diva-Beth Phoenix- Beth went 2-0 in PPV's since the Rumble.

                                              Honorable Mention

 Raw-John Cena


R-Truth and John Morrison

 Smackdown- Drew McIntyre