Booking WWE: Part Two

Rex WilliamsContributor IAugust 22, 2010

Welcome to "Booking WWE: Part 2". First off, I'd like to remind everyone that if you have not read Part 1, then you cannot read Part 2. So, for those that haven't read Part 1 or the Introduction, I would severely advise you do read them;

Booking WWE: Introduction -

Booking WWE: Part One -

Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone that commented on the article, especially those that suggested I join WWE's booking team. With that said, this part will cover the September 6th and 13th editions of RAW and the Night of Champions PPV.

Previously On ..."Booking WWE"

Wade Barrett announces he shall get his championship match at Night of Champions against the WWE Champion. Randy Orton defeats Sheamus for the WWE Championship on WWE RAW's 900th Episode. The Miz and Daniel Bryan continue their war leading in to their match at Night of Champions!

Monday Night RAW - September 6th

Randy Orton comes to the ring, with the intention of celebrating his victory, but Sheamus demands his rematch clause be invoked tonight! The mystery GM pops up and says no rematch will take place tonight, but Sheamus will be added to the Orton-Wade match at NOC. The GM goes on to say that tonight, Sheamus will take on Wade Barrett!

Later in the show, John Cena defeats The Mizafter he is distracted by Daniel Bryan being at ringside. Once the match ends, Daniel Bryan gets into a brawl with The Miz, but Nexus run down and take down Daniel Bryan. As The Miz walks up the ramp, John Cena comes down to stop him getting away, but he is attacked from behind by Wade Barrett.

Wade and The Miz take out Cena with Wade finally hitting Cena with his finisher on the stage. The GM sends in another email informing Wade that after his actions, Cena has been added to the match at NOC making it a Fatal Four Way!

The match between Sheamusand Wade turns into a tag team match with Wade and Sheamus against Cenaand Orton. During the match, Wade leaves the match with Nexus resulting in Cena and Orton beating Sheamus. After the match Cena stares down Nexus from the ring, before turning round to receive an RKO from WWE Champ, Orton.

Monday Night RAW - September 13th

The night begins with John Cena. He says he isn't safe as he is against three people he can't trust. He goes onto say that the last Fatal 4 Way match he was in resulted in him losing the championship. The Miz comes out and says that it doesn't matter who is champion because he has the opportunity to take it from them at any time, tonight even. Orton comes out behind him and Cena says he should turn around. As he does, he receives an RKO.

Nexus come out and Orton backs away to the ring. The GM announces that two members of Nexus will at NOC compete against the Hart Dynasty, but they can choose which members. The email continues stating that tonight, Daniel Bryan will take on Nexus (excluding The Miz and Wade) in a 6-on-1 Handicap match and Wade will take on Sheamus.

Before Bryan's match he asks the GM why he was singled out in this 6-on-1 match, but The Miz ultimately answers saying "Your Daniel Bryan and Your Awful!" Bryan loses the 6-on-1 match as the numbers game proves too much.

In the Wade-Sheamus match, Orton is on commentary. He leaves commentary and surprise RKO's Sheamusbefore hitting Wade with one. He turns around to get the Attitude Adjustment from Cena.

Night of Champions - September 19th

Nexus comes out to start the show and Wade says he has chosen Justin Gabriel and David Otunga to challenge the Hart Dynasty. They win their match and claim the Tag Team Championships.

Before Daniel Bryan and The Miz's US Title match can start, the GM sends an email announcing that for this match, Nexus will serve as Lumberjacks! Despite Nexus posing a problem, Daniel Bryan wins the US title. Bryan then attacks Nexus as they try to attack him. He finishes off by locking The Miz back in the crossface.

As the main event approaches Nexus attack WWE Champion, Randy Orton backstage. He is left beaten and is unable to come out for the start of the main event. As Wade, Cena and Sheamus fight it out during the match Cena gives Wade an Attitude Adjustment to the outside on top of Nexus. He turns around and gets a bicycle kick from Sheamus. But Randy Orton comes out and delivers an RKO to Sheamus winning the match and retaining his championship!

Next Time On ..."Booking WWE"

How will be next to challenge Randy Orton?

What's next for Nexus?

And who's the mystery RAW GM?

All these questions will be answered in the next part of the series when the "booking team" will cover the next two editions of RAW and the Hell in the Cell PPV. As for now, feedback is always welcome and yes, we do accept your negative comments in the comment section below!