The Proof Is in The Pudding: Raiders Should Start Louis Murphy

GoldieContributor IIAugust 22, 2010

CHICAGO - AUGUST 21: Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders runs for yardage as Charles Tillman #33 of the Chicago Bears closes in during a preseason game at Soldier Field on August 21, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

     Last nights game featuring the Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears in addition to the win over the the Cowboys doesn't really mean a whole lot because its preseason. Right? Well not exactly. Even though pre-season games don't count and the starters don't play the majority of the game, it does give the coaching staff and fans a chance to see what their first team offense and defense is looking like against competition.  It also gives players a chance to showcase their talents whether they are a bubble player making a case to be on the 53 man roster or if they are making a case to start versus coming off the bench.

     Between last years performance and the 2 preseason games thus far, Louis Murphy has made his case plain and clear that he should be the #2 receiver. Everyone speaks about the talent and potential our young wide receivers. But as a whole they can also be characterized as injury prone and undependable.  Chaz is the most polished WR we have, but he can't stay healthy long enough to prove his worth. Darrius has shown improvement in training camp but THATS IT and as of late the guy has been hurt. Yeah, Cable says he hasn't been practicing because of fatigue, but no one is fatigued for a whole week of practice. Come on! And if he isn't injured, why is hamstring wrapped up? Whatever! Johnnie-Lee has made some catches but nothing to warrant keeping him on the roster yet. He certainly hasn't shown us the Johnnie-Lee of 2008 at all. Running Back Darren Mc Fadden will used as slot receiver from time to time but he's no better than Chaz at this point......can't stay healthy.

     So basically guys who are the most dependable receivers we have? Tight End, Zach Miller and Wide Receiver Louis Murphy. Zach is already a starter for obvious reason. Why doesn't the coaching staff see that even though Heyward-Bey may have a tremendous upside, Louis Murphy is producing now and need to start? Yes he drops a pass here and there but at least he's putting himself in a position to be a target rather then being shut out like DHB was in the Dallas game.

     My vote is to start Chaz and Murphy with DHB in the slot until he proves he needs to be a starter. It would work out bette anyway with his tremendous speed.

What do you guys think Raider Nation?

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