Who Will Ascend First: John Cena Or Randy Orton?

Atobe KeigoContributor IIAugust 21, 2010

In Wrestling there are always two people that are the leading men of their company. In the early and mid 90's it was Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and during the Attitude Era it was Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Now its "The Chain Gang Soldier" and "The Viper' Randy Orton. Both are known today as the best of their generation, and now let's find out who will ascend first?

(and by the way when I mean ascend I mean who will become Hulk Hogan level in the 80's or Stone Cold level in the 90's.)

Lets first start with John Cena, he is THE poster boy of the WWE. He has done it all in a 8 year career, he makes movies such as The Marine, 12 Rounds, and the upcoming Legendary movie. He guest stars on shows such as Psych and makes makes lots and lots of commercials. If you ask any kid who is the better of these two they probably wouldn't hesitate to say John Cena. many call him boring and say the only thing good about him is his mic skills but he has tried hard to get into the business and is now either in the title match in each PPV or "saving" the WWE from a 7 oh sorry 5 rookie stable. John Cena is set in the WWE and is for sure a Hall of Famer. But now onto the next person.

Randy Orton was and is made for the wrestling business. He is a third generation superstar and like John Cena he has also done everything there is to do in a 8 year career. He might not have done much movies or no commercials but Randy Orton is still a main event player. just like if you ask any kid if John Cena is better than Randy Orton they will say yes, but if you ask anyone over the age of 16 they will probably say Randy Orton. Since turning face and the last 4-5 months as heel he has become a huge fan favorite. Even the loyal Cena kids are becoming Ortonites. he like many people might agree has not become boring to people, his only draw back is that he doesn't have the mic skills of the level of Cena but he is better in ring than John Cena. He is also a Hall of Famer but who is the one who will ascend well her is my opinion.

It will most likely be........ Randy Orton. why you ask, because since his latest face turn not only has he been getting bigger pops than John Cena but also he has beaten John Cena where only a select few can beat him, in merchandise sales. He and John Cena are somewhat at the same level right now but soon he will ascend further than the level he is right now.

Now what are your thoughts and please don't leave anything out.